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Fleetistics has been partnered with ZenduIT for several years. Their overall mission is to make the workplace environment easier to manage. The integrations with Fleetistics include ZenduCAM, GoTrax application, & Zendu MultiMessenger.

See below for details on each of these products.

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Products & Services

Best in class fleet maintenance software which has the option of being utilized with the fully integrated GO System for engine diagnostics. Track every step in the process from the driver identifying a problem, to work order generation, picture capture, vendor records, and receipts. Learn more

ZenduCAM is an HD Live Streaming Vehicle Incident Camera. The rear/dash camera recording can be continuous or triggered by user defined Geotab device rules. Learn more

Features & Benefits

  • Live Video Feed & Playback
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage for Recordings
  • Login from Anywhere with Web-Based Platform
  • Enhanced Driver Coaching
  • Protection from Wrongful Legal Actions with Video Evidence

GoTrax mobile application allows for fleet management from smartphone devices. View more

Features & Benefits

  • See Trip History
  • View Engine Data Alerts
  • Manage Driver Alerts
  • Track Fuel Consumption

Do all of this from any location!

Zendu MultiMessenger allows fleet managers to send Messages to SMS, GOTALK, GARMIN & Geotab Drive.
View more

Features & Benefits

  • Intuitive Platform
  • Increased Communication between Drivers and Management
  • Manage All Messaging within One Platform
  • Supports a Variety of GPS Devices


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