Commercial HVAC GPS Tracking

Every minute counts when the heat is off

Improve Efficiency with GPS Tracking

Commercial HVAC companies seldom have all calls pre-scheduled. Dispatchers that can see the fleets are able to make significantly better dispatching decisions than pre-GPS implementation. The concept of working territories is outdated and marginally efficient. Many times, there are two technicians working within a block of each other but they are in their territory. On paper this makes sense, in the real world, it does not. With Fleetistics commercial HVAC GPS tracking technology implemented, dispatchers can see vehicles in the field and assign the closest technician. This improved efficiency often leads to one to two additional service calls per day per technician! $100 to $200 more per day, $500 to $1,000 per week, $2,000 to $4,000 monthly or an incredible $24,000 to $48,000 per year! Learn More

Commercial HVAC GPS Tracking

Full-Featured GPS Tracking

  • 2-minute position updates on Google™ maps
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Convenient web access
  • Access data via mobile application website
  • Email alerts: speeding, excess idle, movement after hours
  • Auto reports emailed daily
  • Drive navigation and messaging option using Garmin™

Improve Efficiency

Commercial HVAC contractors generally don’t need to dispatch but benefit significantly by the other areas of insight GPS tracking systems provide. These benefits also apply to residential HVAC contractors but may not be the leading benefit. Other benefits for commercial HVAC contractors include: route verification, time getting fuel and taking lunch breaks, hours on the job for job costing and invoicing, reduced wages by taking the “rounding” out of the timecards, elimination of after-hours driving, reduced fuel consumption with slower speed, fewer accidents, and many other benefits. Real-time fleet tracking technology makes 95% of your company’s day visible when before 95% of the day went unsupervised except as reported by service tickets.

Commercial HVAC GPS Tracking
Truck Accident Fleet Safety

Save Money

A major expense for all fleet operators is accidents. Accidents are not really accidents; they are wrecks, if you chose not to do anything about poor driving behavior. An accident implies everything was done to prevent the situation from happening or an act of God resulted in the situation. As fleet operators we know that speeding is the number one cause of accidents and second is following too close. GPS tracking allows you to have a direct impact on accident probability in several ways. First, you can set the tone for vehicle safety by enforcing safe driving practices. Secondly, keep top end speeds down. Third, eliminate miles driven to reduce accident probability.

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