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GPS Tracking Law For Enforcement

A Tactical Advantage for Law Enforcement

Know where people and assets are at all times. Think of the advantage gained by being able to see gaps in a neighborhood perimeter, the location of officers on the ground in a foot pursuit, the patrol patterns of regular cruisers, and the last known location in the event an officer needs assistance but can’t see a street sign or use the radio.

GPS Tracking Law Enforcement
GPS Tracking Law Enforcement

Officer Safety & GPS Tracking

At the end of the day, it is about coming home to family and friends. Sometimes criminals have other plans for law enforcement officers. With the lightweight PT-2 GPS tracking system every law enforcement officer can be tracked and displayed on a map. Dispatchers can quickly identify their position and direct other law enforcement officers to their location. The small, light PT-2 GPS tracking device provides update every 20 feet when moving under 20 mph. The data is communicated to a map online viewable by anyone with an Internet connection. The data can also be fed into an existing dispatching application so there is no need to change what already works.

Pursuing Suspects & GPS Tracking

By knowing the location of all officers and vehicles, field supervisors can quickly and easily see where there are gaps in perimeters or duplication of resources. You can quickly visualize the perimeter on the map and reposition resources to expedite the capture of bad guys. Various map symbols also provide visual aids on the location of specialized assets such as K-9, tactical personnel, or field supervisors.

GPS Tracking Law Enforcement Pursuit
GPS Tracking Law Enforcement

Dispatching Officers & GPS Tracking

Dispatching is changing. It is no longer about sending the vehicle that covers a territory but sending the closets vehicle based on the current position. GPS tracking technology provides dispatchers actionable intelligence to make good routine dispatching decisions. Dispatchers can now see the location of all vehicles, which enables them to decide how to respond to situations regardless of territory. For example, if someone is breaking into a home but the closest officer is 30 miles away, the proper course of action might be to flee the home. If a patrol vehicle is 3 miles away, the proper course of action might be to hide. Dispatchers can also aid field supervisors in securing a perimeter and steering backup to officer in need or fighting with a suspect.

Investigations & Sting Ops & GPS Tracking

Because the PT-2 GPS tracker is battery powered and has a very sensitive GPS antenna, it provides unique opportunities for covert tracking as seen in the images. With the optional weatherproof enclosure, you can quickly attach it to a sting vehicle for safety or a suspect vehicle. The pager-size PT-2 can also be inserted in packages, bags and other portable items that need to be tracked live using the AT&T cellular network. Although you cannot get a GPS signal in all locations, the PT-2 offers one of the best commercially available at this price point.

GPS Tracking Law Enforcement

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