Fleet Management Technology

Comprehensive Fleet Management Components

Cell Coverage Maps

Cell service is divided into two parts, voice and data. You can have coverage on one but not the other. The bars on your phone represent the voice coverage.

National Safety Council DDC

NSC – Defensive Driving Course

Fleetistics is Florida’s only National Safety Council certified DDC trainer in the state of Florida. The DDC course is offered once monthly.


GPS Satellite Constellation

History GPS Satellites

The design of GPS is based partly on the similar ground-based radio navigation systems, such as LORAN and the Decca Navigator, developed in the early 1940s and were used during World War II.


FMCSA Compliance

Using ELD, technology, training, and business intelligence, Fleetistics helps you save money, the hassle of staying FMCSA compliant, and the challenge of keeping drivers safe.

Green Fleet

Going “green” is more than buying a Prius and doesn’t require getting mini vehicles as seen here. Going green is a mindset of being more efficient with your current assets.

GPS Tracking Satellite Image

GPS Satellites Explained

The GPS is currently the only fully functional Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). GPS satellites transmit signals to GPS receivers to determine location, speed and direction.


Georgia Gov DoAS

DOAS executed an RFP process and selected Fleetistics as the provider of convenience for GPS tracking and telematics technology to all DOAS fleet.

Real Time Vehicle Tracking

Real Time Vehicle Tracking

Real time vehicle tracking means GPS track points every 3 to 300 seconds. GPS tracking rates drive monthly fees up or down. Get the right resolution for your application.

Best Fleet Tracking

Best Fleet Tracking

How do you determine which company offers the best fleet tracking based on your needs, not theirs? Review this website for more insight on the best fleet tracking companies.

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