Citizen Insights

Transparent operations and sharing information with the public.

Citizen Insights Drive Transparency and Safety

Give citizens up-to-date access to the status and of your fleet and location of operational vehicles such as snowplows, salt spreaders and waste removal to improve safety, communication and transparency.

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Citizen Insights by Geotab

Citizen Transparency and Communication

Data has become more mobile than any time in history. Moving and sharing data is faster, easier and cheaper. Enabling constituents to access and view public data provides transparency and safety. Knowing where and how public assets are used builds trust that all communities are served equally.

Why do you need Citizen Insights?


Increase trust

Build trust and improve transparency with a simple, powerful service that requires no extra effort from your busy staff. Share metrics for proof of service and deliver first-rate service to your customers.

Stay in Control

Providing your constituents with information through a public portal helps keep them informed and safer. It also reduces the number of inquiries your team may need to respond to, reducing stress.  You can control exactly what the public sees on the Citizen Insights map. For example, you can choose to show which streets are covered, but keep specifics of your operation for internal use only.

Reducing Inquiries Reduces Costs

Free up your contact centers and cut costs related to inquiries. Instead, point the public to Citizen Insights, where they can access valuable, up-to-date data to keep them informed and help them stay safe.

Easily Integrated and Embedded

Citizen Insights was designed for government. Deliver it in the manner that best suits your needs and meets your agency 511 initiatives. Use a turnkey, off-the-shelf website, or an iframe embedded link that can be integrated into your existing agency website.

Partner Integrations

Open APIs bring critical citizen safety data together in new ways. Combining vehicle tracking, asset tracking, weather, help requests and public notification systems can save lives and ease suffering with improved efficiencies.

Empowering your citizens

Intuitive and easy-to-use, Citizen Insights gives your constituents up-to-date access to relevant information for safe and efficient travel within your community. Just like checking the weather, accessing Citizen Insights can become part of a commuter’s daily routine helping them to travel to travel clear, serviced roads.

Positive Public Perception

A positive public perception is vital for any government operation and the same applies to a citizen portal. Sharing relevant and consistent data with Citizen Insights not only keeps your citizens safe and informed, it instills confidence in the performance of your fleet operations. Choose exactly what information citizens can monitor to keep it simple to ensure the safety of your drivers and first responders. And do it all from one easy-to-use platform.

Easy Implementation

Citizen Insights is a fully configurable, off-the-shelf solution for sharing valuable information from your Geotab platform. With two integration methods, you customize for your jurisdiction size, 511 approach and IT talent. Citizen Insights provides the tools your team needs to respond to changing conditions in real-time, ensuring the data displayed is always up-to-date. 

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Help your citizens see their streets in a new light.