Sustainability and

Fleet Electrification

Reduce carbon impact with positive financial impact.

Power Your Fleet Electrification Process with Data Driven Insights

Fleet Electrification is just one facet of your journey to a sustainable future. It starts with data to reveal your most significant opportunities to reduce fuel use, lower operating costs, minimize your carbon footprint, and assess which fossil fuel vehicles in your fleet are most suitable for replacement with electric or hybrid vehicles.

Reducing Fuel Consumption

With Geotab analytics, easily spot and eliminate fuel waste at the source. Are vehicles idling unnecessarily? Excessive idling represents fuel burned at zero mpg and may be the top contributor to fuel waste in commercial fleets.

Are drivers over-revving the engines? A heavy foot is another primary contributor to fuel waste.

Are vehicles taking the most efficient routes?

Are vehicles being well maintained for best performance?

Understanding through telematics data how your fleet compares with similar fleets will get you pointed in the right direction to reduce fuel consumption.

Visualize Using the Green Fleet Dashboard

The Green Fleet Dashboard allows you to easily visualize aggregated data.

  • Compare your fleets fuel economy to benchmarking of similar fleets in the Geotab ecosystem.
  • Obtain idling fuel usage and associated cost and emissions.
  • Easily identify fleet trends and areas for improvement with aggregate graph data.
  • Monitor your fleet’s average fuel and electric energy usage, cost, and resulting emissions on a total or economy basis.

Need More Tools? Check out Active Insights and the Analytics Lab!

Active Insights brings your attention to critical but often overlooked events to help you better manage. The Analytics Lab gives you the opportunity to use new features being tested and share your input with developers.

  • Offer an opportunity to discover and engage with Geotab’s latest data experiments.
  • Extend existing MyGeotab reporting capabilities to provide more insights into your fleet’s performance.
  • Provide an additional, user-friendly way to derive deeper insights on data.
Active Insights

Improve Operations to Reduce Costs

Take the Most Efficient Route

Reduce unnecessary travel, increase asset utilization and improve fuel economy by optimizing routes with add-ins from the Geotab Marketplace.

Optimized Routing

Use Fuel Cards to Control Fuel Spend

  • Add or delete cards and drivers in real-time.
  • Access transactions as they post to your account.
  • Set limits online across fuel, service and merchandise for enforcement of purchasing policies.
  • Receive an email when a transaction falls outside your purchase guidelines.
Fleet Purchasing Card

Reduce CO2 Emissions – Set Targets and Monitor Progress

Determine Which Vehicles to Replace With EVs

The CO2 Emissions Report is for organizations that want to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to the goal of a healthier environment. 

  • CO2 emission values are easy to read in chart or graphical format
  • Promote your green fleet and operation
  • Applicable to all units of measure

A Clear Strategy for Electric Vehicle Adoption

Create your EV adoption strategy

Geotab’s EV Suitability Assessment helps you to discover the full potential of electrification. This in-depth analysis is based on your fleet’s real-world performance data.

  • Quickly identify candidates for EV replacement based on actual driving data
  • Get reliable financial data to build an EV replacement business case
  • Save time researching electric vehicle model availability
  • Ensure EV is a fit even under extreme weather conditions

Adopting Electric Vehicles and Sustainable Fleet Strategies Workbook

A tool for building a business case for fleet electrification and the creation of a more environmentally friendly and efficient fleet.

Fleet Electrification

City of Seattle’s Ambitious Goal to be Fossil Fuel Free by 2030

City of Seattle drives forward with sustainable solutions for fleet management

Create a More Sustainable Fleet

Get insights you need to reduce your fleet’s CO2 emissions and costs, while improving operational efficiency.