Police, EMS and Fire Management

When waiting isn’t an option. New Mobile Broadband Priority (MBP) Services from Geotab and Verizon.

Accountability, oversight, insight and efficiency have a synergystic relationship.

Public Safety, which includes law enforcement and first responder fleets, is one of the most highly scrutinized areas in the public sector. Accountability and oversight are clearly in the spotlight. Insight and efficiency are required to keep departments operating on shrinking budgets.

Internally separated public safety departments can be easily managed individually. Sharing a common platform between all government agencies provides a unified and common data set from which analysis can be accomplished efficiently. Minimum standards can be easily measured across all departments.

With the right telematics platform insights are possible which may have never been considered before.


From basic maintenance reminders to advanced work order management, Fleetistics offers it all.

Access Critical Equipment

Choose from a wide variety of GPS tracking systems for vehicles, assets, and equipment. 

Sourcewell Contracting for Fleet Management

Geotab awarded Sourcewell purchasing contract.

Skip the lengthy telematics RFP process.

Gain Unprecedented Visibility into Public Safety Fleet Operations

Situational Awareness for Public Safety

First responders can get to the scene faster and safer with timely data across rolling assets that integrate with leading CAD systems.

Rigorous Security

Get so much more than collision detection and notification. Second by second forensic data is uploaded to MyGeotab for review and analysis. A free add on is available for collision reconstruction.

In-Vehicle Integrations

Monitor lightbars and sirens for appropriate use and appropriate speeds when in use. Secure vehicles with remote lock. Monitor usage of in-vehicle connected systems and in-cab temperatures for K9s and sensitive materials.

Mobile Broadband Priority Services

Keep communication lines accessible during an emergency with prioritized mobile connection for first responders.

Routine Vehicle Maintenance

Easily document safety with routine digital vehicle inspections. Schedule maintenance reminders and track maintenance when performed to keep vehicles road-ready and in optimal condition.

Electric Vehicle Support

Manage the status and performance of electric vehicles and know at a glance which vehicles are charged and ready for the day. Evaluate what ICE vehicles are most appropriate for replacement with EVs.

Town of Blacksburg Department of Public Works

“This is the first time I’ve ever worked with a company as knowledgeable and helpful as the team at Geotab. No matter who I speak to, or what issues I may come across, the entire team is ready to help at any time. It’s a relationship I truly look forward to continuing for many years into the future.” – John O’Shea, Safety and Special Projects Manager for the Town of Blacksburg – Department of Public Works.

Missouri DOT manages the safety, productivity and utilization of their diverse fleet with telematics

“Geotab has provided us with a system to manage the safety, productivity and utilization of our diverse fleet.” – Paul T. Denkler, P.E. assistant district maintenance engineer for MoDOT’s Central District and team lead for MoDOT’s AVL/GPS group.

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