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Fleetistics works with city, county, and state government agencies which often have unique needs. The core business of Fleetistics has not shifted from GPS tracking and telematics for fleet management but we have added Sherp ATV sales to the list of available services. The Sherp ATV represents the never-ending drive to be the best we can be for our customers; hence the name Persistence was given to the vehicle. 

The Sherp ATV sales program was implemented because Fleetistics is already talking to organizations that will have an interest and need in Sherp ATV sales due to extreme operating conditions. Also, let’s just face the truth that the Sherp is one cool vehicle and if you are into vehicles, mechanical items, automotive engineering and trucks in general, the Sherp ATV is something to see, ride in and experience. 


Sherp ATV Sales Across America

Fleetistics is officially the Sherp ATV dealer for Georgia but Fleetistics can sell a Sherp ATV anywhere in the United States. Fleetistics has access to 44,000 acres in central Florida at a place called River Ranch, south or Orlando. We are also securing access to a smaller but equally tough and muddy location on the west coast close to Tampa. Customers will be able to fly into either location and go for a test ride to see how the Sherp ATV performs under the various conditions of swampy and wet Florida.

CLICK HERE for Sherp sales or call 813.699.9062.


Sherp ATV Test Ride

To fully appreciate the Sherp, one must go for a ride in extreme conditions. When you first encounter a mud bog or obstacle you think there is just no way. Then you start to recall some of the specifications such as 63″ tires that can deflate for more traction or inflate for more floatation, the super low gear ratio, the harden steel bottom and lightweight and you start to think just maybe we are going to make it. The first gush of water on the windshield as you hit the hole which is deeper than expected, you take a breath and look for the lifejacket. As the front end bobs up and you hear the paddles on the tires taking over you realize the rugged capable nature of a Sherp ATV. 


Sherp ATV Sales


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