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Persistence will be traveling to different events in the Southeast to demonstrate the vehicle’s capabilities to the general public in order to generate social media interest and brand awareness. Fleetistics will demonstrate the unique capabilities of the Sherp to small groups of potential buyers of the brands on the vehicle and equipment highlighted inside.

The event schedule is dependent on many factors and may change. Fleetistics is committed to attending 12 events per year as part of the sponsorship program. Sponsors are encouraged to latch on to the social media content that will be generated and aid in expanding the reach for all sponsors.


All levels of government have a potential interest in the Persistence (Sherp) platform. Applications for this type of vehicle may include: search and rescue in flooded, swampy or deep snow conditions, public works departments operating offroad, law enforcement in special situations, marine patrol in marshlands, FEMA to area assessment after a disaster, etc. Due to the widespread interest in the Persistence platform, Fleetistics will have a unique opportunity to put sponsor brands in front of potential customers.

Oil & Gas Industry

Everyone is familiar with the tough and challenging conditions faced by the oil and gas industry. The good news is the Sherp ATV was designed and built by Eastern Europeans to operate in the most extreme environments from Siberia in the north, the deserts in the south. There is not another vehicle in the inventory that offers what the Sherp ATV can. Getting supplies and men to the job site in a timely manner can save thousands of dollars in the event of a leak, spill or exploration. Your brand will be in front of these potential clients.

Utility Companies

Utility workers have become the unsung heroes of our nation after what seems like continuous natural disasters. Power is run in the straightest line possible in most cases to reduce land acquisition, material and labor costs. This results in utility companies have to work in some of the toughest, most wet and dangerous conditions in the world. The Sherp ATV provides a rugged and safe platform for utility workers to access areas the big trucks cannot go. The interest in an all-terrain vehicle facilitates brand recognition for your company and the products and services offered.

Sponsorship Options


Click the image to the right to view details on the sponsorship program. There are a variety of options for all levels of interest, exposure and budgets. Keep in mind the investment is for a 12 month period; making sponsorship a very cost-effective program.

Some positions may be unavailable. Submit your desired placement and someone will get back to you. Time and space are limited.

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