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Sherp N Specifications

  • Amphibious
  • 4×4 wheel drive
  • 20-81 gal capacity
  • 1.3 gph diesel fuel efficiency
  • Main tank 20 gal + 15.3g per tire tank (optional)
  • 14 to 61 hours of continuous running!
  • 3.7 mph in water
  • Up to 25 mph on land
  • Rear view camera
  • 50% more volume
  • 30% more cargo space in rear
  • 1m obstacle climb
  • 156″ long, 99.2″ wide, 112″ tall
  • 10 total people in hard top, 2+ in pickup
  • Tires – 720 x 23 x 25in, inflate/deflate on the fly
  • Doosan D18 engine, 3 cylinder, 55 HP, 133ft/lbs torque, 1.8L (61 cu inch) displacement
  • 6 speed mechanical gear box
  • Towing capacity 4,850 lbs

Sherp N Ark Pricing


Sherp N - Cockpit
Sherp N ATV improved visibility
Sherp N. Back Cabin 2

New Interior

Sherp N ATV Interior

Track Your Sherp N 

Track your Sherp ATV with a Fleetistics solar satellite tracking system. By using a satellite system you do not need to worry about cellular coverage during disasters or when working in the boonies.

  • Theft
  • Safety
  • Operational Awareness

If you want detailed tracking and diagnostics information try the GO Rugged on the AT&T or Verizon cellular network.

Click an image for more information.

GO Rugged Equipment Tracker by Geotab

GO Rugged

FLT-VL02-GPS Tracker

ATV GPS Tracker


Global Asset Tracker

Sherp N Capabilities

Check Out the Sherp Ark

Sherp ATV Ark Interior
Sherp ATV Ark Cab Interior
Sherp ATV The Ark Off-Road Machine

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