Smaller Fleet Needs

Small fleet GPS tracking needs are unique.  Small fleets tend to have fewer needs and can focus more on the basic GPS tracking to save money. The general mindset is to start with an inexpensive GPS tracking system that can be upgraded as the business grows.  As fleet management needs change, upgrades can be made. Knowing up front that there is an upgrade path to a more capable GPS portal ensures small fleet customers will not have to start all over. Being able to use the same GPS tracking devices means not having to reinvest in hardware when the tiome to upgrade comes.

At first, simple vehicle location, or dots on a map, and start-stop information is sufficient for most fleets under 5 vehicles. Ultimately, these two variables with a low price like with the Fleetistics LITE platform at $9.95 is an entry level system. The LITE system can be upgraded to the Fleetistics ONE (FONE) platform for a few more dollars monthly. The FONE platform opens the doors for small fleets that are seeing expanding needs.  Data used to increase safety and reduce accidents can lower insurance cost.  Increased productivity means more billables.  The right set of data drives down expenses and increases productivity, thus profitability.


Low Cost GPS Tracking


Starting with an OBD plug-and-play GPS tracker provides the quickest and least expensive way to start tracking. As revenue increases a small fleet operator may want to add OBD extension harnesses to get the GPS vehicle tracking system into the dash, but it certainly is not a requirement. Serial number zip ties and a good driving policy is often enough to keep tampering under control.

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