Social Distance, the New Normal

Businesses should always put any slow time encountered to good use. This is even more important as social distance becomes our temporary reality. Today, restaurants are limited to delivery and pick up. Retail businesses limit the number of people that can be gathered at once. As a result, businesses that serve those sectors can find themselves with some time to invest. What are some things you can do now that will help you come back even stronger when this is all over? It’s a great time to research technologies of interest that you just have not had time or reason to take a serious look at before.

Assessing Current Operations, a Good Place to Start

Did you know that Fleetistics assesses routes? Our Route Optimization Assessment Tool analyzes your routes as they are being driven now, and evaluates the impact that an optimized route of the same stops has. The report considers routes as driven compared to the same order of stops optimized for the shortest distance, and finally, re-ordered for the most efficient order of stops and shortest distance. Ultimately this data is charted to evaluate miles, time, and fuel usage. There is even an interactive chart and map that allows you to dig into the individual route details.

Efficient routing and scheduling is a major difference between companies that just do OK and companies that thrive. Without hard data, many managers just don’t realize how much routes impact profitability. Money is left on the table when routes are left up to the driver or best guessed using brainpower alone. Even more, small changes in a route that may seem insignificant can save significant amounts of fuel and man-hours.

Route Optimization Tool



In the example above for just one vehicle, $24 was saved in one day. Add to that, 30 minutes of labor cost or time to complete another job, and you can see this adds up to some significant dollars even in a small fleet. Call 855-300-0527 to schedule a route optimization assessment for your fleet today!

Expand Work From Home Capabilities

Maintaining social distance is forcing many companies to embrace telecommuting. Working remotely is not a new idea. Many companies are well prepared to leave their offices and telecommute. Sure, there are some challenges, but we are adaptable.

If you are a Windows 10 user working from home, learn to use the task view icon on the taskbar. It is a good substitute for having multiple monitors. If you don’t have windows 10, try holding the windows key and pressing tab to get to task view. It displays all your open windows on one screen so you can navigate between them faster.

Need help getting setup to work remotely? Our IT company, IGTech365 can help you implement Microsoft Office 365 with Teams. Work anywhere, at any time, from a smart phone, laptop or desktop. Being seamlessly mobile is a strategic requirement to be able to always assist your customers.

Implementing Change in the Mobile Workforce

Mobile forms apps quickly generate custom forms. They work hand in hand with your fleet GPS Tracking bringing vehicle location and form data together. These easy to use forms apps are a great tool to remind field workers of all the new steps they must take to stay safe. Also, steps are recorded as completed creating a clear record and chain of custody. Most important, electronic forms are easily modified as safety guidance changes. Electronic Forms Used this way, mobile forms apps assure adherence to social distance protocols and evolving procedures needed to adhere to today’s guidelines. Certainly processes will remain in a state of change, so being able to adapt quickly is critical.

Look for New Opportunity

Certainly there is good news we can focus on. As a business operating a fleet, remember fuel cost is down, delivery and the need for more of it is up, and road traffic is low. What assets and skills do you have available that can be put to work in our new temporary environment? We hear amazing stories of companies re-purposing their products and vehicles to do what is most needed now.

  • Restaurant suppliers shifted to supplying grocery stores when their shelves were empty.
  • Auto makers are building respirators.
  • Clothing companies are producing face masks and gowns.
  • Commercial delivery fleets are assisting in moving emergency supplies to hospitals.

The more we focus on the positives, the stronger we will all come out of this.

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