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Log Management: The Power of ELD

An ELD is an electronic logging device. It provides you with a dashboard of data on driver status and real-time warnings that will help you stay informed and avoid issues that lead to violations.

Keeping your drivers accountable can be tough, especially when you can’t be over their shoulder, but ELDs can help them to stay on top of what needs to get done and done right.

When they walk away, it tells your drivers to unassign their vehicle and warns them when they interrupt shifts and cycle resets.

Fleetistics has fleet compliance solutions that help your drivers comply with regulations easier!


By providing your team with simple step-by-step processes and pop-up notifications.

  • Automatically remind drivers to sign in and out.
  • Track hours of service (HOS) with ease.
  • Let drivers know when their hours are running low or when they’re out.
  • Keep track of unassigned logs and mark them all at once.

Driver Vehicle Inspections and Diagnostics: DVIR Logs

Driver Vehicle Inspection Report can be a hassle and drivers often cut corners to get them done faster. That can lead to trouble ahead for your business.

But you can do something to make it quick and easy for drivers to write their reports well. Speak with a Fleetistics representative and ask us about our DVIR solutions.

  • Give drivers easy to follow workflows for pre-trip and post-trip inspections.
  • Be notified of problems and missed inspections. (And customize those alerts.)
  • Keep pictures and comments for Inspection reports all in one place.
  • When you need a repair, let the mechanic know right away through the system.

Compliance Made Easy

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