Fleet Optimization

Save Money with a Truly Efficient Fleet.
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Use Less Fuel and Cut Costs

Make sure your vehicles get the best possible gas mileage. Keep tabs on your fleet’s gas usage and take appropriate action. 

Improve routes, limit speeding, and monitor idle time with the help of rules and notifications you set. And develop safe, economical driving habits with the help of reports and driver training tools!

Keep Your Vehicles in Good Shape

How well do you prioritize maintenance tasks?

Staying on top of maintenance is a crucial focus when you manage company vehicles. Those cars, trucks, or vans need to run smoothly and keep expenses down. 

When engine problems sneak up on you, they cause your vehicles to work harder, wear down faster, and use more fuel.

But with automated alerts and fleet maintenance telematics, you can stay one step ahead of any vehicle problems that may happen. 

Prevent vehicle wear and decrease downtime by being told the moment trouble is detected. Know exactly when you need a mechanic and manage maintenance with ease.

Compare Yourself to Other Fleets

How does the productivity of your business’s fleet stack up against that of other businesses with fleets like yours?

Big data is a powerful tool, and you can do a lot with all the data you collect with our telematics software. One of the best ways to evaluate your business is to check how well your company is doing next to other fleets of your size.

By comparing your fleet to others like it, our software can give you tailored advice and help you to identify gaps and explore ways to fill them.

Discover how different vehicles stack up to the ones you have and find out which ones would help you out more.

shuttle bus tracking

Asset Utilization

Rightsizing your fleet is a quick way to save money. Often times vehicles and equipment worth tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars, are kept as spare vehicles. Being able to see the engine hours and miles driven quickly highlights assets that are under utilized and can be sold or moved to another location. 

Case Study: An airport shuttle business determined two buses were not needed. Each bus was valued at $250,000. One bus was transferred to another airport and one order for a new bus was cancelled. Total savings $500,000. 

See How We Can Help You Optimize Your Fleet

Our simple to use web-based platform will streamline and optimize your fleets operations.

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