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Better Driving

Bad driving practices like harsh braking and speeding wastes gas and puts extra strain on your vehicles. These reckless driving habits can cost you big money when they cause accidents, injuries, or lawsuits. 

Fleetistics telematics technology can track drivers and provide feedback and send useful notifications to you and your team. Discover which drivers need to slow down and automatically alert your employees to stop that behavior.

Sometimes drivers forget to put on their seatbelt or accelerate too quickly. A simple buzz or spoken alert are gentle reminders that keep everyone safer. Software add-ons can even help your drivers avoid a collision and prevent driver fatigue related accidents.

Faster Routes and Dispatching

Save time, miles, and fuel by planning your routes or optimizing them automatically with the touch of a button.

Navigate around traffic congestion, road construction, car accidents, and more.

Map out where you want your drivers to go, and they can access it instantly.

Set a series of stops along the route and let the software put them into the most efficient order.

Divide the area into zones and get alerts when drivers travel into them.

Easier Reporting

Get the information you want, how you want it, and when you need it.

Find useful reports in your dashboard and change them to fit the needs of your business.

Use scorecards, trend reports, exclusive marketplace apps to spot the problems and get the results you want from your drivers.

Reduce the amount of time spent idling, discover what happened during a past driving event, and receive notifications whenever the engine is damaged or develops a problem. Oversee all of your drivers’ performance by keeping track of how long they drive, the number of stops they make, and their average speed.


Boost Your Fleets Productivity

Our simple to use web-based platform will boost your fleets productivity.

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