Fleet Sustainability

Managing Fuel & Carbon Impact
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Reduce Idle Time

You can significantly cut down on idling by identifying and actively enforcing better driver behavior with telematics software. Discover which drivers are using the most fuel and stop idling as soon as it starts with:

  • Driver scorecards
  • Dashboard reports
  • Driver alerts
  • Text or email notifications

By using these solutions, you will also uncover more reasons why your fuel consumption is too high. Aggressive driving such as harsh braking, fast acceleration, and cornering can all increase your MPG!

Electric Vehicles

If your fleet contains some or all electric vehicles, our telematics software offers a number of ways to help your business.

It is important to monitor and improve the efficiency of electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Electric vehicle performance can be monitored remotely, no matter where your vehicles are.

Fixing minor faults as soon as they occur is far cheaper than waiting until they grow into much larger ones. Find out the current condition of each car and schedule maintenance services accordingly.

If you are making the transition to electric vehicles or plan to, we have sustainability solutions that can help you to take the jump smoothly.

Optimize Routes

We have a variety of apps for you to choose from that can help you to dispatch and route your deliveries, pickups, or services. When you speak with Fleetistics, we will direct you to the best option for your needs.

Map out the stops that your vehicles will need to make and add zones for alerts. Organize your routes and reroute quickly to plan around unforeseen events like:

  • Traffic congestion
  • Road construction
  • Accident sites

Save on travel time and mileage easily by optimizing your routes with the touch of a single button!

Sustainable Fleet Solutions

Fleet sustainability solutions for your company.

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