Is an Electric Vehicle Fleet Smart?

Flipping the Electric Switch

Thanks to the Carbon Disclosure Project, an international, non-profit organization that helps companies and cities disclose their environmental impact, many government agencies in cities nationwide are switching to an electric vehicle fleet. These agencies have made it one of their top priorities to convert to a 100-percent electric fleet in a certain time frame.

Electric Vehicle

Many cities, such as Tampa, have adopted an initiative to switch to an electric vehicle fleet in the hopes to become the leaders of minimizing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing their carbon footprints.

It is important to Understand the Value Electric Vehicles, especially compared to ICE, or Internal Combustion Engine, vehicles, if and when your agency moves forward to convert your electric vehicle fleet.

It is also up to these government agencies to obtain a fleet analysis. That way the agency can oversee management of the electric vehicle fleet.

An Assessment Suited For You

An EV Suitability Assessment, is an accurate, data-driven and, most importantly, personalized EV recommendation tool that takes the guesswork out of electrifying your fleet.

Instead of guessing, an EVSA will suggest vehicles to be replaced by range-capable EVs, estimate the cost of savings and give a layout the reduction of emissions. The EVSA does this by using telematics data from existing fleet vehicles, identifies vehicles with a range-capable EV replacement and then determines vehicles that are cost effective to replace with range-capable EVs.

Electric-powered Questions

Most likely, there will be questions already posed when switching to an electric fleet, such as:

Performance requirements

  • Will an EV meet my drivers’ range requirements?
  • Will the battery still perform in extreme-weather conditions?

Vehicle selection

  • Which model of vehicle is best for each vehicle class I have?

Return on investment

  • What will the impact of EVs be on my fleet’s operational budget?

Environmental impact

  • How much will my fleet’s carbon emissions be reduced?

Ultimately, many of these questions can be answered with an EV Suitability Assessment.

This simple tool and analysis can save time and money for your agency and is highly recommended before moving forward with a conversion to an all-electric vehicle fleet. Our EV Expert, Kim Thoman, can help you obtain a

Contact Fleetistics today for your personalized EV Suitability Assessment today!

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Vehicle & Asset Telematics

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Displaying Your Company Logo in MyFleetistics

Make It Your Own With Your Logo

Displaying your company logo to your internal apps adds a touch of professionalism. When you want to send a screen shot of the UI to show some critical detail to a customer or vendor, your logo displayed on the screen adds credibility. For that reason, Fleetistics has made it easy for our clients to add their logo to their MyFleetistics portal.

Easy as 1-2-3

First, log in to MyFleetistics and go to Account > Profile.

Next, click “Select Logo” and browse for your company logo in a jpeg or png format.

Upload your logo

Finally, open the file and click “Save” on the lower right. Your logo will now appear at the top left of the screen. Thanks to Woody at the University of Rochester for agreeing to be our example.

Upload your logo

All Done

Your company logo now shows where the Fleetistics logo was formerly displayed.

Displaying your logo in MyFleetistics

Before you go, take a minute to update or verify your profile.

The company profile section of MyFleetistics has areas for you to update your company information, contacts, addresses, and even add branch locations. This improves the accuracy of billing and the efficiency of support.In the future it will enable custom views on dashboards and other data.

Please take a moment to verify this information is current after uploading your logo. My Fleetistics continues to add features and services, and this information can be connected to pre-fill request forms with the needed contact details to save you time.

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