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Tips on Seletcting a Telematics Solution Partner

Time to Save

Introducing to Employees


While working with companies who have installed a GPS Fleet Management System and are now reaping the rewards, we have developed this guide to help you introduce the system to your employees and answer most of their questions up-front.

GPS Tracking Buyers Guide

Selecting the right system from the start means fewer integration issues and more flexibility to accomplish your fleet tracking goals. Advanced GPS tracking, telematics & engine diagnostics from one device.



Register for a weekly webinar, take online courses, watch videos or search the knowledge base. Fleetistics offers continuous training for customers at no charge. Attend as many times as you like.

Electronic Logging Device (ELD)


Remaining compliant with ELD hours of service regulations is a complex, time consuming and expensive requirement.

GPS Tracking Installation


Fleetistics can provide installation services through our network of GPS installation providers or by contacting a local qualified vendor.



Speed and efficiency is the key. With large fleets, every step you have to take to resolve an issue or find the information you want means getting farther behind.

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Trustworthy, excellent customer service

I have been very pleased with the professionalism of this company from the beginning interaction with the sales department to the customer service, training and technical support after the devices had been installed. I had questions and concerns related to long term commitment and contracts. I received straight forward honest answers.

Business Intelligence


See data in ways that standard reports do not allow. Custom created graphs, charts and reports can be built to customer specification.

Integration - APIs & SDK


The Fleetistics system offer APIs which enables using the GPS tracking data in other systems used in your business. APIs enhance the value of the data investment by using it with other platform such as routing, e-forms or dispatch services.

Fleet Testimonials


Read our customer testimonials about using our GPS systems to learn how their experience can relate to your business. Almost all fleet operators have the same challenge of maximizing mobile field force resources.