Fleetistics is busy preparing Persistence for its debut at the Build Expo #416 in Tampa Oct 24th & 25th. Persistence is a Sherp ATV designed to operate in the extreme conditions of Siberia. With 63” wheels, the name Persistence represents the rugged go anywhere nature of the vehicle. Persistence is also the mantra of Fleetistics’ relentless pursuit of world-class service and GPS based solutions for our fleet management customers. It is also just cool if you are into transportation. Read more about Persistence Sherp ATV here.


Fleetistics also chose the Sherp ATV because many Fleetistics’ customers are in the utility, law enforcement, land management, mining, water management, and government sectors and have a practical application for a Sherp ATV. Recent hurricanes have highlighted the need to have amphibious vehicles in the inventory to respond to unique but critical emergencies and disasters. Accessing swampy, wet, deep snow, deep sand or entangled areas quickly can improve response time in an emergency but also be far more cost-effective than a helicopter or other form of transportation. With a payload of about 2,000 lbs, the Sherp ATV brings a “ton” to the table. Add a Sherp trailer which also floats, and you can do even more.


Fleetistics is a nationwide Sherp ATV dealer based in the Southeast. If your organization is interested in the Sherp ATV please click here to learn more about scheduling a demonstration. We have options to come to your location or you can come to Tampa and spend some time at the Fleetistics test track to see the Sherp in action and discuss your needs. Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, South Carolina, and North Carolina are logical choices for a Sherp inventory based on hurricane damage experienced this year.


Persistence will also be a platform for demonstrating some of the technology sold and supported by Fleetistics. Geotab is a key partner in normal fleet operations but they also provide asset tracking and satellite tracking solutions for remote operations or in areas without cellular service. In-cab video systems from Rosco Vision Systems can provide a real-time video feedback to the EOC. Information and file access is available through Microsoft Office 365 and supported by IGTech365. Online and offline mapping can facilitate navigation in remote areas without cellular network connectivity on rugged tablets. All this technology results in a capable platform with many applications.


Persistence is available for an appearance at various events throughout the SE USA. If you would like Persistence at your event click here to learn more. With Persistence being a new marketing campaign now is the time to get your Persistence appearance on our schedule. To view our event calendar, click here. If your organization has a practical application on a Sherp ATV, you can learn more about our sponsorship program here.


Stay tuned to see Persistence in action at various events in the near future. For information on GPS tracking, telematics, Sherp ATV or other fleet management technology click here.

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