MyGeotab Version 1903 Coming Soon to your MyGeotab UI

Let’s take a look at some of the newest features and revisions.

UI Enhancements

In MyGeotab version 1903 the changes are subtle but very effective. The “View” button has been more appropriately named “Reports” and you can download reports without first viewing them in the browser. Surely that will save lots of time and help new users to get around more easily. A “My Location” button has been added to the menu. This will help users visualize where vehicles are in relation to where the user is and can be used much like the “Nearest” selection available from zones. Now I am here. Who is closest to me?     The Trips History report in browser view has been revised to separate driving and stopped time in separate rows for clarity. You will find that this improves readability because critical data is now set apart. Other report revisions you will welcome are on the Vehicles report. Additional columns can be added or hidden and rearranged in the order you prefer, Your newly created view will automatically save for future use. The group name is now shown under the vehicle name, and a red icon identifies vehicles that have not reported. No way to miss that!

Trips History
Report Download MyGeotab 1903

More Cool Stuff in MyGeotab Version 1903

When editing zones or geofences, the zone editor window now has 2 tabs, one for properties and one to view the zone on the map. This will make zone edits faster and easier. There are also some new reports coming to the Marketplace. If you have “feature preview” turned on in your user settings, you will find the Purge feature is now accessible as well. You can set the system to automatically purge data older than a specified time frame. So watch for the changes and be sure to call us if you have any questions. Follow this link if you want to see the full list of updates included in MyGeotab Version 1903, including updates to the SDK.