User Rights Management Using Active Directory


Single sign-on (SSO) is quickly becoming one of the most requested features we provide. It is not surprising that fleets using multiple technologies struggle with managing users. Drivers and support employees access multiple apps and software platforms to do their jobs. In Fleet operations, the GPS tracking solutions, maintenance software, ELD and MVR services all require logins and ongoing user rights management. Certainly, it is a challenge for managers to keep up with users across multiple platforms. Similarly, users struggle to remember multiple login URLs and passwords. Additionally, as employees are hired and retired each platform has to be updated. If an employee leaves under duress it becomes even more important to remove them from all systems. In departments that are already understaffed, all of this can create utter chaos.

Normally, when an employee joins or departs an organization HR or IT adds or removes them from network access. This is their access for payroll, reporting, and other internal services, so someone is almost always on top of keeping users up to date. Unfortunately, it doesn’t translate through to the platforms the fleet department has to manage on their own.


Fleetistics Active Directory Integration


Fleetistics understands the time and effort that goes into managing users on top of all other fleet management tasks. In response, we developed a service that integrates with Active Directory. When the IT department updates a user, the user’s access to MyFleetistics, and the incorporated telematics platforms are also updated. As new employees are added to the company network, the IT department assigns them to a GPS user group. That group assignment determines their permissions within MyFleetistics. That means fleet managers no longer need to add or remove users from MyFleetistics. More importantly, when an employee leaves the company and their network access is removed, their access to MyFleetistics is removed as well.

Fleetistics has many years of experience working with large fleets with many users. In large organizations with hundreds or thousands of users, this is a huge time saver. It also significantly improves company security. Finally, the employee’s user experience is improved as well. They can use a single sign-on (SSO) which means they don’t have to keep entering their login credentials. After they log into their computer or onto the network, they will click a link specific to a customer and they will be authenticated and allowed to pass through to MyFleetistics.


Is Single Sign-On Secure?


Our integration uses a standard method and capability provided by Microsoft. There are many variables that make this process a minimal risk in relation to the value provided. The most important aspect of the security to understand is that user credentials are not being passed and all critical information is encrypted.


Other User Rights Management Platforms



The Fleetistics integration with Active Directory supports both ADFS and Azure Active Directory. Fleetistics is interested in working with large fleet operators to integrate single sign-on using their existing platforms. We are happy to evaluate if your current technology is compatible for integration. Platforms such as WebSphere are utilized by some of the largest companies in the world and there is a good business case to develop SSO solutions. If your large or enterprise-class organization has a URM platform you want integrated contact Fleetistics to discuss the project and discounted rates for leading the effort and partnering with Fleetistics through the integration.

If you are interested in Active Directory integration, send us an email at or email your account manager and we’ll be in touch.

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