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What is it about Fleetistics that makes your job so much easier? With so many choices in the market today, it can be hard to find the right partner. When we first entered the market there were very few GPS tracking companies and GPS units could cost as much as $1,200!

Today, prices are much lower due to competition. Companies range from in size, service, and credibility. Your challenge is finding the right fleet management partner for your team and business. We hope Fleetistics can serve your needs.

GPS Tracking is What We Do. It is often hard in today’s market to find a GPS provider that is not a cellular carrier or some other business first and they happen to sell GPS tracking as well. Why would a fleet manager want to call the same call center that cannot resolve their cell phone bill issue with a GPS tracking issue or for assistance getting the most from the fleet management data? There is a big difference between account setup and a consultant helping you getting the maximum return on investment from analyzing the data. When you think about Fleetistics, you can relax knowing a team of consultants is available to assis you in getting the most from your investment.


Mission Statement

“Supply the right solution to meet the customer’s needs for the lowest investment while supported by industry-leading customer service.”


About Fleetistics Core Values:

Persistence, Innovation, Communication, Attention to Detail and Accountability.



Support, Training, Implementation, Return on Investment

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The GPS tracking, telematics and fleet management industries are no different than any other business; the people make the business. Our team consists of people from inside and outside the GPS industry. We have a strong cross-section of people who enjoy helping customers get the most return on investment.


At Fleetistics, our team members have several years of experience with service operations and technology. We work with fleets ranging from 1 to 5,500+ in over 350 locations. Some of our team members utilized GPS tracking as a customer, and are now applying lessons learned to customer fleets. Many on the leadership team have 15+ years of experience in their area of expertise.

Few fleet management companies have the same combination of platforms, modular systems and experience as Fleetistics. Our goal is to help narrow down your ideas. We want to discover meaningful, practical and executable solutions for your business to make the right recommendation. Also, we acknowledge we may not always be the right fit for your company, and we will recommend a different provider.

You want options, we have options for you. Our competitors often only have one solution. They will try to sell you that system regardless of your specific needs. If they do not have options, neither do you.

As a part of our mission, our consultants work to identify your primary issues and match the right solution for the lowest investment. At Fleetistics we learn to understand your evolving needs and strive to provide systems to grow with your business.

As with any decision, there are pros and cons to working with large companies. Large companies are less personal and flexible. Fleetistics recognizes those weaknesses and capitalizes on them as a market advantage.

If you need a custom dashboard, Fleetistics does not need 6-12 months to get it on the development schedule. If you need a rush order, we can often get it out the same day. Fleetistics is nimble; this enables timely and personal responses to customer needs.

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