Enterprise Class Fleet Maintenance

Scheduled Reminders, Data Integration, Robust ERP

Enterprise Class Fleet Maintenance

Scheduled Reminders, Data Integration, Robust ERP

Rolling Cost per Mile

Fleet managers understand the importance of solving problems before they happen. Nothing is more stressful or expensive than having a temperature sensitive load stuck on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere Texas in August. The load of seafood has about two hours before the temperature starts to rise and the $200,000 shipment is lost. Worse yet, a good customer is lost. Routine maintenance ensures this scenario remains only a bad dream.

Routine Maintenance

Fleet Mechanic

Reducing Unscheduled Downtime

Maintenance is about profitability. Spend a little to save a lot. Investing in maintenance helps reduce the unscheduled downtime and keeps your shipments ahead of maintenance problems. Having the right data to work with is key to this process. The GO System provides three excellent maintenance capabilities for fleets of all sizes.


  1. Schedule routine maintenance such as oil changes and annual inspections by odometer or engine hours.
  2. Use the engine diagnostic data provided with the Pro and ProPlus service to spot issues before they fail.
  3. Integrate the odometer and other fault code and status data with robust maintenance application such as Zendu Maintenance.

Creating Reminders

Maintenance Reminder Rules
Maintenance reminder rules establish the rule template to be used throughout the fleet. An example might be the standard for an oil change is every 7,500 miles on new vehicles. To standardize oil changes a rule is created and made available company wide. Rules can be created based on miles driven, engine hours or months.
Click the image to enlarge see some examples of how rules can be utilized. Rules can be used for vehicle maintenance but also for tag registration, annual insurance checks and driver training. Since the GO device gets the odometer from the vehicle automatically when available, fleet managers do not have to chase drivers for odometer updates. A weekly odometer report can be scheduled or the sattus is displayed in the MyFleetistics portal at all times.

List of Reminder Rules

Fleet Truck Zendu Maintenance

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I was able to negotiate an 8% discount on our insurance premium. This will pay for several vehicle units the first year and then some of our monthly airtime fees each year thereafter. Raj S.

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