Emergency Service Tracking

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Emergency Services & GPS Tracking

Knowing the location of emergency service assets and personnel enables better and quicker decision making. With the chaos found in the world today, understanding the staging of assets, which assets are available to respond and how long it might take to get there can save lives in a mass casualty or active shooter situation.

Tactical Advantage

Know where police and assets are at all times. Think of the advantage gained by emergency services being able to see gaps in a neighborhood perimeter, the location of officers on the ground in a foot pursuit, the patrol patterns of regular cruisers, and the last known location in the event an officer needs assistance but can’t see a street sign or use the radio.

Law enforcement tracking systems

Pursuing Suspects

By knowing the location of all emergency services, personnel and assets, field supervisors can quickly and easily see where there are gaps in perimeters or duplication of resources. Commanders can quickly visualize the perimeter on the map and reposition resources to expedite the capture of bad guys.

Dispatching & GPS Tracking

Dispatching is changing. It is no longer about sending the vehicle that covers a territory but sending the closets vehicle based on the current position. GPS tracking technology provides dispatchers actionable intelligence to make good routine dispatching decisions. Dispatchers can now see the location of all emergency service vehicles, which enables them to decide how to respond to situations regardless of territory. For example, if someone is breaking into a home but the closest officer is 30 miles away, the proper course of action might be to flee the home.

Fire truck GPS tracker

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