Fleet Dashcams

Reduce Accident Liability & Improve Productivity & Safety
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Improve Safety, Reduce Liability

Dashcams encourage safe driving habits and protects your company and drivers from false claims. Drivers are aware their actions can trigger events which prompt management review of the video so they tend to driver more conservatively. This also impacts fuel expenses and public perception.

Video evidence discourages false insurance claims, avoiding expensive legal fees. If your driver is at fault, your insurance company can settle quickly reducing legal fees.

Pick Your Fleet Dashcam

Select a Dashcam to Meet Your Needs and Budget

Option 1

CrewChief T2 Dashcam Front and Rear Cameras

Option 2

Basic & Affordable

Low investment, in/out cameras, standalone

CrewChief is the #1 budget sensitive dashcam that offers just basic video recording. Various pricing plans range from just $12.95 to $19.95/mo.

Our $12.95 + video plans mean you pay $12.95 + only for the video clips you need. Hopefully nothing happens and you save BIG money on monthly service fees. This is great for school bus, insurance, and small budgets. Overall savings can be 80% over competitors!


  • In/Out or just Out cameras
  • Live view
  • HD video
  • Looped recording
  • Event button
  • Cloud access
  • 1 year warranty

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Option 2

Rosco Vision Dashcam

Advanced with AI

Mid-range investment, integrated with Geotab, made in America

Plan 1: Standard Plan

500 mb, “pooled”


  • Designed for active fleet users that want to get the most from dashcam technology
  • ADAS
  • DMS
  • Geotab integrated
  • Metal construction – durable
  • AI – “Distracted driving detected”
  • Add 2 additional cameras
  • Live view (when powered)
  • HD video
  • Looped recording
  • Incident / Event button
  • Over the air configuration
  • Data usage monitoring
  • Cloud access
  • 1 year warranty


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