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Mobile apps for fleet managers

YES, There’s a mobile app for that!

Mobile apps just make fleet management easier.  From simple time and attendance with phone tracking to robust fleet management tools for your vehicle tracking solution, Fleetistics has an app for that.  The information you need can always be at your fingertips.

Phone Tracking

Mobile App Tracking with SOS

Access your Fleetistics ONE account or track users from the mobile app.  Fleetistics One is a modestly priced yet robust platform that can track vehicles, assets, and phones in the same environment.  By using custom icons to represent different assets being tracked you can easily visualize the big picture.  Where are my people in relation to my vehicles and my heavy equipment?  With Fleetistics ONE mobile app you have that visual in the palm of your hand.

With a full menu of reports and alerts available, grouping to view like assets, and support for a wide variety of manufacturer’s devices, Fleetistics ONE offers more options than most telematics providers.  It also integrates with a variety of add-on apps to add industry-specific features you may need.

Available on Android and iOS

When is Phone Tracking Appropriate?

Tracking an employee’s cell phone can be a viable alternative to installing a GPS tracker in company vehicles when simple location information is all that is needed.  Phone tracking works well in cost-sensitive applications (starting at just 99¢ per month) and is a less invasive alternative when employees use their personal vehicles for work.  Reimbursement for miles driven can be simplified and justified by using the tracking data rather than relying on manually submitted expense reports.

A phone tracking mobile app can also act as a bridge into GPS tracking and telematics. Get started with a tracking app and after you have achieved your ROI and understand the value proposition, transition to a GPS device for more consistent and accurate tracking data.  A vehicle device gathers additional valuable data such as DTCs and G-Force events giving insight into driving behavior.  The apps designed to work with vehicle devices also offer a broader range of reports and alerts.


Fleetistics Phone Tracking Application for Google
FleetisticsONE Mobile App

FleetisticsONE Scan Code for Android

Fleetistics Phone Tracking App for iOS

FleetisticsONE Scan Code for iOS

Find Your Fleet On The Go With Mobile Apps

MyGeotab Mobile App

Vehicle Tracking App

MyGeotab Mobile App

Fleetistics offers multiple mobile apps to go with the various fleet tracking platforms and services available.  Choose from apps that provide access for fleet management or install mobile tracking apps on a smartphone without an additional GPS tracking device.

  • Multiple mobile applications
  • Fleet tracking and route history
  • Time tracking for field workers
  • Mileage tracking for personal vehicle reimbursement
  • SOS alert optional service

Phone Tracking App

Fleetistics – Time & Attendance Mobile App with Mileage & SOS

Install on Android or iOS smartphones and easily track time and attendance.  Daily reports can be sent to administrators and employees.   Location history can be viewed on the map.  The app also includes an SOS feature and messaging between the dispatcher’s web portal and the mobile app. Available on Android and iOS. 

Fleetistics Time and Attendance Mobile App
Fleetistics Time and Attendance Mobile App

Fleetistics Time & Attendance Scan Code for Android

Fleetistics Time and Attendance Mobile App
Fleetistics Time and Attendance Mobile App

Fleetistics Time & Attendance Scan Code for iOS

MyGeotab Mobile App – GPS Tracking, ELD, IFTA, DVIR, Messaging, Fuel

MyGeotab Mobile App is a scaled version of the full MyGeotab App for desktop use.  This is a full-featured app that allows you to access all of your data. Vehicle location history, driver assignments, records of duty status, DVIR, maintenance reminders, custom reports, and alerts are all available in their full-featured form through this app.  Where many mobile apps are designed to simplify the information for display on a smaller screen, MyGeotab condenses the menus to allow the data to display the same as on your desktop monitor.

Available on Android and iOS.

GPS Tracker Last Location
Fleet Management - Exception Editor
Enterprice Fleet Groups
Fuel Tracking from GPS Tracker
Fleet Asset Management
Fleet Safety Exceptions
GPS tracker - Engine Diagnostics
Fleet Safety and Fleet Risk
Fleet Monitoring using Zones
Geotab Mobile - Fleet Analytics
Vehicle Tracking Details
Vehicle Tracker - Device List
Mobile Field Forms - Paper DoDo
Truck Tracker Trips List
Geotab Vehicle Tracking - Risk Management
Geotab Mobile - Device
MyGeotab Mobile App
MyGeotab Mobile App

My Geotab Scan Code for Android

MyGeotab Mobile App
MyGeotab Mobile App

MyGeotab Scan Code for iOS

Geotab Drive App – Easy to use Driver’s app for DVIR, ELD Compliance, Dispatch, Messaging, Fuel tracking, and Privacy

Geotab Drive is a fully compliant ELD System that can be configured to be used in other ways by drivers that are not required to keep Records of Duty Status.  User clearances set in MyGeotab determine what is displayed to the driver in the app.  It can be used for driver ID without the need for key readers and key fobs.  It can also be used to document vehicle inspections (DVIR) or as a Dispatch and Messaging app.  Free add-ins for tracking fuel purchases and allowing a driver to set their status to private are also available.

This makes Geotab Drive a versatile tool that can be leveraged in almost any Fleet.  Your Fleetistics consultant can assist you in finding the perfect configuration to meet your needs.

Available on Android and iOS.

Geotab Drive Mobile App
Geotab Drive Mobile App
Geotab Drive Mobile App

Geotab Drive Scan Code for Android

Geotab Drive Mobile App
Geotab Drive Mobile App

Geotab Drive Scan Code for iOS

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