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TMW Appian DirectRoute Saves up to 90% on Planning Time

Fleetistics partners with TMW Appian DirectRoute to provide routing and scheduling software for delivery and distribution management solutions. The software can be programmed to save time, miles, or number of trucks needed. Connect to your drivers and customers easily with location information and order management systems.

TMW Route Optimization

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TMW Appian DirectRoute software is designed to be efficient, intutive, and scalable. It can help your business save time and money in an effort to increase overall profits. The software generates detailed maps for navigation, as well as generates quick reports to illustrate route profitability and cost-per-stop.

Features & Benefits

  • Live Reporting of Rolling Costs, Mileage, and Hours
  • Automatically Establishes the Best Route for your Drivers
  • Generate Maps with Driver Directions
  • Able to Integrate with Existing Systems
  • Improves Overall Customer Satisfaction
  • Reduce Transportation Costs

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