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The #1 cause of employee death is motor vehicle collisions. ref. NSC

Training Improves Safety

The most dangerous part of your employees’ workday is when they’re on the road. Just one work-related motor vehicle collision with injuries could affect your organization’s productivity and finances, but more importantly, the health and future of your employees.

National Safety Council

National Safety Council

Train to Save Lives


Safety is #1

In business there are many reasons for processes, investments or making decisions. In every situations and scenarios, safety trumps them all. Going home to family and friends is ultimately what counts. It just so happens that safety can make or break your company. Fleetistics has worked with companies on the verge of being uninsured, therefore out of business, because of fleet safety issues.

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Send Drivers to Fleetistics

Fleetistics provides an NSC DDC certified training course every few months. This course is held for individuals as well as corporate clients with an employee driving issue. Employees may be required to attend at their own expense after repeated issues or as part of a company sponsored fleet safety program. There is a hotel within walking distance as well as many places to dine.

We’ll Come to You

If a fleet operator has a larger requirement, Fleetistics can sent an NSC certified trainer onsite to conduct the 6 or 8 hour NSC DDC course. During the same trip Fleetistics can work with employees using the GPS tracking system and conduct refresher training on the fleet management program without additional travel expenses.

Fleetistics provides NSC DDC Driver Training



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