NSC Driver Safety Training

The #1 cause of employee death is motor vehicle collisions. ref. NSC

Driver Safety Training Saves Lives

It has been proven that NSC driver safety training programs reduce risk and save lives. Learning to avoid risky driving behavior and habits is called defensive driving, and the National Safety Council is the recognized authority on the subject.

As a result, Fleetistics has partnered with the National Safety Council to provide their Defensive Driving Safety Training. We offer the 6-hour and 8-hour courses at our corporate office in Wesley Chapel, FL. On-site training can be scheduled for your company location as well.

The most dangerous part of your employees’ workday is when they’re on the road. Just one work-related motor vehicle collision with injuries could affect your organization’s productivity and finances, but more importantly, the health and future of your employees.
National Safety Council

National Safety Council

Defensive Driving Can Prevent Collisions


Making Driver Safety #1

First of all, in business, there are many reasons for processes, investments, and decisions made. Likewise, in every situation, safety is the reason that trumps them all. Ultimately, every employee going home to family and friends at the end of each workday is what counts.

For that reason, when operating a fleet is part of doing business, driver safety must bee addressed. Driver safety training tops the list of steps you can take to create a culture of safety.

Above all, keep in mind safety can make or break your company. Consequently, we have engaged companies on the verge of being uninsured because of fleet safety issues. Fleetistics knows what steps to take. We implement systems that reduce risk by identifying and addressing risk factors. Driver safety training is foundational.

Fleetistics offers an NSC DDC certified training course every month. Our courses are open to individuals as well as corporate clients. If your attendees will need to stay overnight, there is a hotel within walking distance and many nearby places to dine.

Attendees find the course engaging and informative, and most noteworthy, time well spent. Just a few of our many positive reviews…

Fleetistics Defensive Driving Driver Safety Training

Driver Safety Training testimonial

Driver Safety Training testimonial

Driver Safety Training testimonial

On Site Driver Safety Training

If your organization wants to plan an on-site training event, Fleetistics can send an NSC certified trainer to you. Our certified trainer will conduct the 6 or 8 hour NSC DDC course at your facilities. While there, Fleetistics can work with employees using the GPS tracking system and conduct refresher training on the fleet management program without additional travel expenses.

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