GPS Vehicle & Asset Tracking

Plus – ELD, Telematics, & Diagnostics

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GPS Vehicle Tracking

Easy & Intuitive


FMSCA Compliant

Telematics & Engine Diagnostics

Fleet Management Ecosystem

Save up to $2,500 annually, per vehicle!

Flexible Fleet Management

One GPS vehicle tracking platform which can be used in Base, Pro or ProPlus mode depending on the needs of specific vehicles.

There is nothing like the GO System on the market, period!


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Geotab GPS Tracker for Leased Enterprise Fleets

Maximum customization with modular equipment and integration. GPS vehicle tracking + telematics + engine diagnostics + ELD + DVIR + IFTA + Data Integration (API) + Fuel + Over 100 partner services.


“How Am I Driving” & MyFleetView included!

Fleet GPS tracking for medium to large fleets

Mid-range GPS vehicle tracking system. Robust Google maps, custom reports, maintenance, telematics, diagnostics and alerts. Over 100 partner services.


“How Am I Driving” & MyFleetView included!

Fleet GPS Tracking - Trucks, Vehicles, Automobiles

Simple and affordable. Straight GPS vehicle tracking but you still get custom reports, alerts, security roles and a low service fee. Updated to Pro or ProPlus service without changing the GPS tracker!


“How Am I Driving” & MyFleetView included!

Equipment Tracking Asset Tracking Trailer Location

Full line of asset and equipment tracking solutions. Fully integrated to cost savings solutions. Rugged & weatherproof. Backup batteries. Powered or un-powered. IP-67/68 rated. Integrated with vehicle tracking or standalone.

As low as $9.95!





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Download Our Buyers Guide

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