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Fleet tracking for large to enterprise class fleets

Large to Enterprise Fleets

Built for enterprise class fleets. Maximum customization with modular equipment and integration.
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Fleet tracking for medium to large fleets

Medium to Large Fleets

Mid-range GPS tracking system with detailed maps, reports and alerts. Comfortable interface with filter functions for reports and alerts.
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Small to Medium Fleets

Small to Medium Fleets

Simple and affordable. GPS tracking with basic reports and low service fee. Data-only API service option.
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Small to Medium Fleets

Equipment & Asset Tracking

Simple and affordable. GPS tracking with basic reports and low service fee. Data-only API service option.
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Customer Experiences

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“The Fleetistics program is a great tool and it has allowed us to understand vehicle utilization at the our facility. Senior Leadership can now make more informed decisions about the future of our fleet. The Fleetistics program along with the excellent customer service have exceeded our expectation and we would highly recommend their program to companies that are interested in understanding how to right size there fleet.”

~Curtis Satisfied Customer

“The entire process from the introduction to the implementation to the training has been exceptional. The system has been easy to navigate and you all have provided excellent customer service with responses to my questions answered within an hour of me sending my email. Thanks to the entire team for being a pleasure to work with.”

~A. Sneed Satisfied Customer

“Fleetistics provided me with a total solution, not just GPS units and software. They listened to my specific business needs and tailored a complete management solution. All other companies I spoke with tried to shoehorn my requirements into their canned solution. The team at Fleetistics not only asked questions about my business, they also listened to the issues I was experiencing and trying to solve with a GPS management system. Fleetistics is truly a solutions provider, not just a vendor selling equipment and software.”

~ M. McGregor Satisfied Customer

“Prorate has been a customer of Fleetistics for 8 months. The service has been courteous and prompt. One of the very best parts of working with Fleetistics is Brandon. He has returned my calls quickly, even when he was on his vacation. I can always count on a quick solution to any problem we may have when I call Brandon. I would recommend Brandon & Fleetistics to anyone.”

~K. Brunes Satsified Customer

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