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Simple and affordable GPS trackers. GPS tracking with great maps, zones, email alerts, email reports, security roles and a low monthly access fee. Upgrade to Pro or ProPlus service level without changing the GPS tracker! Enable features as the fleet grows. Read More


Robust GPS tracker platform with the opportunity to expand and integrate for growing fleets. All the basics of vehicle tracking, asset tracking, fleet safety, and engine diagnostics, plus APIs for systems integration. Driver ID and driver coaching buzzer are big hits. Add integrated partner services as needs grow and change. Read More


Enterprise fleet management architecture for maximum customization. Modular GPS tracker provides vehicle and asset tracking for OBD and J-Bus. Add telematics, driver ID, engine diagnostics, maintenance package, video, HOS-ELD, DVIR, IFTA, APIs, routing, dispatch, gamification, and fuel cards. Over 150 partner plugins. Full line of asset trackers and less expensive specialty GPS trackers. (some features are optional). Large or Enterprise


There are several things to consider when selecting an asset tracker that’s right for you. Thinking through these factors will ensure you make the right choice. Notice that price is not a consideration listed. When dealing with $250,000+ equipment or $10,000 utility carts, the price difference between a $200 GPS tracker and a $400 GPS tracker is irrelevant if you get what you need. Read more SPEAK WITH SALES ❱❱❱


Fleet Management Highlights

  • Scale from 1 to over 80,000 vehicles
  • 1 GPS tracker for OBD, J-Bus, EV, Equipment
  • Pay for what you need with 3 service levels
  • Upgrade service level as needed, by vehicle
  • Access to data with free API & SDK
  • HD route resolution
  • Light duty roadside assistance with ProPlus
  • GPS tracking + telematics + engine diagnostics
  • System or custom rules & exceptions
  • Schedule reports by email – in Excel
  • Collision reconstruction
  • Extensive engine diagnostic data
  • Powered by Geotab
  • 150+ partner integrations – Cameras

Register for Public Group Webinar – GPS Tracking (:30)

Robust Mapping

  • Extreme detail
  • Exceptions
  • Messaging
  • Customer v. Non-Customer Stops
  • 1-second log rate
  • 90% of daily use is map
  • Google map
  • OpenStreetMaps option
  • ARC GIS with customer WMS
  • Import zones

Future-proof with 150+ Integrations

  • Never out grow the system
  • Start small, integrate as business grows
  • Applications, services, equipment
  • Integrate with your current system using API
  • Custom development services
  • In-can video system
  • Driver scoring
  • Gamification
  • Maintenance & inventory
  • Routing & scheduling
  • Electronic forms
  • Fuel cards
  • How’s My Driving

Module GPS Tracker

  • Over 1,200,000 GPS trackers in service
  • One device to build from
  • “Plug in” components
  • Large internal memory and processor
  • OBD install – $0
  • Y-harness
  • Universal adapters for J-Bus, EV & equipment
  • Hardware flexibility counts
  • Self install, easily moved
  • IOX options such as driver ID
  • Growing electric vehicle capability
  • Connect partners systems. Ex. cameras
  • ELD, DVIR, IFTA compliant
  • 1, 10 or lifetime warranty against defects


I Started services with Fleetistics in 2015. From day 1 Its been providing amazing returns on the small investment. Thank you Lynn for getting our account setup. We couldn't provide excellent services for our clients without this technology. The gas card feature is also a real asset. Keep up the good work.. GP
George P Armour
George P Armour
20:34 17 Jun 18
We as a company have been using Fleetistics for a few years now to track 9 trucks, and 54 trailers all across the country. They are affordable, reliable, and always quick to help!
Andy Reddick
Andy Reddick
15:52 20 Mar 18
I recently took a drivers improvement course and let me say first, it was an 8 hour course. The time went by quickly and the information was absolutely mind blowing. The instructor was very patient as well as kind and entertaining. The course was very helpful and I learned a lot not just about driving but also about how to become more defensive when driving. Thank you Joel you were a great instructor. I would highly recommend!!!!!
Angel Rivera
Angel Rivera
02:33 13 Feb 18
Great customer service, Always there if you need them. Plus a great product that fairly easy to use.
Quentin Roman
Quentin Roman
13:18 17 Jan 18
I took my defensive driving course with fleetistics and it was like sitting with family the instructor Joel was Awsome made sure everyone understood and if we needed explanation he would explain it different ways so we can get it.showed us video and went over everything with us. I did learn a lot I didn't know and open my eyes to things I thought I knew. Over all awsome!!!!!!
Manny Rodriguez
Manny Rodriguez
22:01 16 Jan 18
We decided to go with Fleetistics because we really enjoy working with them and their customer service is excellent. They're super responsive and always helpful when we have issues. They also did a great job training us on the system and helping us customize it to our needs. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Fleetistics.
Dane Christiansen
Dane Christiansen
20:06 10 Jan 18
Fleetistics has always been known as a company of integrity. Their people are the best concerning customer service, and are a joy to work with. I am very grateful for all they've done for me & my company.
Steve Hembd
Steve Hembd
20:11 22 Dec 17
As a long time user of the GO7 tracking module, I found myself in need of alternatives to OBD II mounting locations. Fortunately I was able to view two training videos offered by Fleetistics that outlined, in an easy to follow manner, how their extension harness works and how its installed. Armed with the knowledge that I could perform this process myself, the decision to purchase the extensions was an easy one. The video saved me several hundred dollars in installation costs across my fleet.Thank you for providing the videos. You've come through with a solution anyone can take advantage of.
Darin Smith
Darin Smith
09:13 10 Dec 17
Joel, the teacher was great. He was very thorough and the class was informative. This class has made me aware of my mistakes and made me more cautious. Thanks
RuRu FamFirst
RuRu FamFirst
18:32 08 Dec 17
Instructor Joel was amazing! I would recommend Fleetistics to anyone taking the DDC class.
Stacey Russo
Stacey Russo
20:00 07 Oct 17
Did my driving classe with fleet was a good class met great people there as well. Also Joel was a great teacher teached a great class thank you
Kenefe Shiell
Kenefe Shiell
15:54 02 Oct 17
5 star rating, my instructor Joel was amazing. If you go anywhere for a safety course GO HERE. I learned so much and had a great time in the process. Highly reccomend this course to anyone that needs to take it. You won't be disappointed with your time spent here!
Brittany Dunbar
Brittany Dunbar
14:10 29 Aug 17
The facilitator of the DDC was very engaging and informed. The content, while being very much along the lines of common sense, served as good reinforcement of what we, as drives, should all be mindful of day to day. I certainly was a very good reminder for me to practice a great deal more caution when driving and that multitasking is not be practiced when behind the wheel.
Jennifer Fox
Jennifer Fox
04:12 14 Aug 17
Thanks Joel (instructor) for making this defensive driving class both informative and effective. Thoroughly enjoyed it!
amanda hernandez
amanda hernandez
17:03 14 Jul 17
I have been working at Fleetistics for a year and a half and I can honestly say this is the most rewarding job I have had. I see behind the scenes what it is like to run a business and the effort that each individual and each team puts forth daily to make everything come together. The amount of dedication each individual makes to go above and beyond for our clients is incredible. From trouble shooting devices, to advising which tracker will work best for our clients, we have you covered. I'm proud to work for a USA Veteran owned and operated company and I'm looking forward to many more years here.
12:24 23 Jun 17
I took the DDC this past weekend. Thank you Joel for making this class enjoyable and interesting. You made this situation pleasant and made the time pass more easily. Thanks again, Steve C.
Steve Chiarenza
Steve Chiarenza
14:49 16 Jun 17
Excellent fleet tracking company! Highly recommend! Brandon Santiagohelped get us set up and did a great job! Compared to other fleet tracking companies, they were the lowest price and best quality. We tested Fleetistics and one more based on their prices and Fleetistics was much better!
Thomas East
Thomas East
20:35 16 Feb 17
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