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GPS-Tracking-Telematics powered by Geotab

Fleet Management Ecosystem


– Telematics 
– GPS Tracking
– Diagnostics
– Maintenance
– Video


Rosco In-Cab Dual Vision Camera

In-Cab Video plus GPS Tracking

  • Commercial grade
  • Interior & exterior view
  • Backup camera option
  • Side camera option
  • Interior dome camera
  • “Live” view
  • Integrated with Geotab GPS
  • Loop recording to SD card
Solar Asset Tracking, Telematics and Diagnostics - Geotab and Gurtam

Asset Tracking

Battery, Solar & Wired Solutions

Hurricane tracking map GPS Vehicle Tracking, Telematics and Diagnostics

Data Integration


Use Data to Increase Value

Weather Pro merges GPS tracking with advanced weather data

GPS-Tracking-Telematics-powered by Geotab

Fleet Management Ecosystem

– 4k HD GPS Tracking
– e-Forms
– Routing
– Maintenance
– In-Cab Video


Get Digital

Electronic forms save on labor costs

Asset Tracking

Battery, Solar & Wired Solutions

Small Fleets: Easy GPS Trackers

Simple GPS tracking with great maps, zones, email alerts, and email reports.  Upgrade to Pro or ProPlus service level without changing the GPS tracker!

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GPS vehicle tracking and telematics

Medium Fleets: GPS Trackers & Telematics

Robust GPS tracker platform with the opportunity to expand and integrate for growing fleets. All the basics of vehicle tracking, asset tracking, fleet safety, and engine diagnostics. Driver ID and driver coaching buzzer are big hits.

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Enterprise fleet leasing and GPS tracking

Large & Enterprise Class: Custom & Integrated

Enterprise-class fleet management for maximum customization. Modular GPS trackers provide fleet management data for OBD and J-Bus fleets. Customize options such as telematics, driver ID, engine diagnostics, maintenance, video, HOS, ELD, DVIR, IFTA, APIs, routing, dispatch, and fuel cards or over 150 partner apps.

Enterprise Class Fleet Management.
Large Fleet Management

Assets & Equipment: Basic Affrodable GPS Trackers

When dealing with $250,000+ equipment or $20,000 utility carts, keeping everyone productive is essential. This starts with a GPS tracker for inventory control, engine hours and productivity.

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Geotab GPS tracker dashboard highlighting fleet analytics

Fleet Management Highlights

  • Scale from 1 to over 80,000 vehicles
  • 1 GPS tracker for OBD, J-Bus, EV, Equipment
  • Pay for what you need with 3 service levels
  • Upgrade service level as needed, by vehicle
  • Access to data with free API & SDK
  • HD route resolution
  • Light duty roadside assistance with ProPlus
  • GPS tracking + telematics + engine diagnostics
  • System or custom rules & exceptions
  • Schedule reports by email – in Excel
  • Collision reconstruction
  • Extensive engine diagnostic data
  • Powered by Geotab
  • 150+ partner integrations – Cameras
  • Extreme detail
  • Exceptions
  • Messaging
  • Customer v. Non-Customer Stops
  • 1-second log rate
  • 90% of daily use is map
  • Google map
  • OpenStreetMaps option
  • ARC GIS with customer WMS
  • Import zones

Robust Mapping

  • Never outgrow the system
  • Start small, integrate as the business grows
  • Applications, services, equipment
  • Integrate with your current system using API
  • Custom development services
  • In-cab video system
  • Driver scoring
  • Gamification
  • Maintenance & inventory
  • Routing & scheduling
  • Electronic forms
  • Fuel cards
  • How’s My Driving
  • Over 1,200,000 GPS trackers in service
  • One device to build from
  • Plug in” components
  • Large internal memory and processor
  • OBD install – $0
  • Y-harness
  • Universal
  • Features vary by device and platform
  • Hardware flexibility counts
  • Self install, easily moved
  • IOX options such as driver ID
  • Growing electric vehicle capability
  • Connect partners systems. Ex. cameras
  • ELD, DVIR, IFTA compliant
  • 1, 10 or lifetime
  • Features vary by device and platform warranty against defects
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