Solar GPS Trackers

Avoid Replacement Batteries



Hassle & Maintenance Free

Convenient & Cost Effective

Solar GPS trackers have become the preferred GPS tracker for assets that do not provide continuous power or where installation is to be avoided. Solar GPS trackers cost a little more initially but provide a significant savings in the future.

A fleet of 1,000 assets will have to replace the devices about every four years if the device is rated to provide 5,000 messages at three updates per day. What is often not communicated is 5,000 messages is under ideal conditions but extreme heat or cold will reduce battery life. Additionally, every diagnostics, status, stop or zone violation message counts against the 5,000 message count. Therefore, the four year battery life turns into 2-3 depending on programming.


Total Cost of Ownership for Non-solar GPS Trackers?

Using the same 1,000 vehicle fleet example, every asset must be located, an installer put onsite and a replacement device purchased. Most battery powered asset trackers do not have replaceable batteries (the exception being the Fleetistics AT-5500c). The challenge in a large fleet is getting to all the assets before the batteries go dead and you cannot locate them any longer. This means the battery replacement needs to start well in advance of the batteries actually going dead which further reduces the operational life. When you add in labor wages, fuel, vehicle, hotel, per diem, and the new GPS tracker, the lower cost of a battery system is actually 5x in the first five years.

Solar GPS Trackers

GO – Solar

SmartOne SATCOM – Solar

4970 Cellular – Solar

Geotab Solar GPS Tracker
GlobalStar Solar GPS Tracker
XT-4970 Xirgo Solar GPS Tracker-Front of Device
  • 4G Cellular Communication
  • Geotab integrated
  • 5-7 year life
  • IP-67
  • Geotab OBD GPS
  • Satellite Communication
  • Super Rugged
  • IP-68, MIL STD 810
  • Intrinsically Safe
  • 10 to 48v
  • 4G LTE
  • Cellular Communication
  • Cost Effective
  • 3 Axis Accelerometer & Motion Detector
  • Assets, Vehicles, Covert

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