Asset & Trailer Tracking

One Platform for Asset and Vehicle Tracking

GO System Integrated Asset Tracking

Integrated Asset Tracking


The fleet video system is integrated into the GO System web application, which is accessed from the MyFleetistics portal. This integration provides convenient access from a single website. The video is linked to any standard exception customers create in the GO System online application. When an exception is registered, a video snippet is saved with it. For example, if harsh breaking is registered on a fleet vehicle, a manager can review the video to determine the cause and whether driver coaching is required.

Asset Tracking Rugged System

Rugged Device, Same Flexible Platform


The GO Rugged asset tracker has been submerged in epoxy to seal the electronics, making it impervious to moisture and dust under normal conditions. The ruggedized device provides the same great vehicle tracking data as standard GO units, but with a design made for more extreme asset tracking situations. It also has water resistant connectors for OBD and J-Bus applications.

GO Rugged GPS Tracking System

Rugged IP67 Rated


The GO Rugged device is fully potted. Potting an electronic device means the electronics are fully encased in resin, preventing any moisture or dusty intrusion. This creates an extremely rugged device capable of withstanding harsh environment industries, like construction, or oil and gas. What is IP67?

Weatherized Connector


The GO Rugged units have a weather resistant harness that can be connected to OBD, J-Bus or a 3-wire harness. This enables the GO Rugged device to be utilized in many more diverse applications.


Additional features of the GO Rugged include:


  • IOX expandability which allows users to expand the capability of their fleet management solution
  • Intelligent in-vehicle driver coaching via IOX-BUZZ or GO Talk driver feedback.
  • Accident detection and notification
  • Built-in auto-calibrating accelerometer
  • Engine and battery health assessment
  • G-force monitoring
  • Real-time vehicle data and fast GPS acquisition time
GO Rugged Asset Tracking Harness
GO Rugged GPS Tracking System

Tractor Tracking


Skid Steer Tracking


Yellow Iron Tracking


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