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Equipment Tracker Considerations


There are a wide variety of options for equipment tracking and asset tracking. Understanding how an equipment tracker communicates (cellular or satellite), how it reports (every few minutes or by exception), how it is constructed (IP-6X rated) and how if it has a backup battery all go into selecting the right equipment tracker.


What is the difference between equipment tracking and asset tracking?


The line is blurred between the various tracking types since the GPS tracker selected is more about features needed to solve business issues. At times an equipment tracker may work better on an asset. Asset trackers are generally designed to work with infrequent or no power. This means asset trackers tend to have long life batteries but report 1-3 times a day. Equipment trackers update more frequently and capture engine hours, productivity and location.


Equipment tracking with a tough device designed for the harsh conditions found on construction and mining sites. The backup battery keeps the unit reporting after main power loss, which helps with theft recovery. Metal housing and heavy-duty rubberized cable help protect from accidental damage and electrical short. Operates on the Verizon CDMA data network or GSM network roaming across the US, Canada and Mexico.
Truck Equipment Tracking
Ambulance Equipment Tracking

Theft & Inventory

The small form factor and robust backup battery makes this asset tracker ideal for anti-theft applications. The device can be programmed to include a tow alert indicating your equipment is being removed from the lot, even if the power is removed from the equipment tracking device. On August 22, 2016 our GPS system was used by a customer to recover a $100k trailer in just hours. Sharing the location with law enforcement led to a quick recovery. With a daily update, or heartbeat, knowing where to find your equipment increases productivity and reduces wages searching for equipment.

Engine Hours & Maintenance

Keep it simple, keep it inexpensive. We know pretty reports and maps aren’t as important as reliability and cost. Our equipment tracking website offers just the basics to get the job done which enables us to keep the cost low to you. Simply knowing engine hours to improve maintenance increases scheduled downtime and increase your ROI. By using engine hours instead of calendar days you may find you are changing the oil or doing routine maintenance to fequently. If you are not doing it enough you can add life to your assets and improve your ROI.

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Construction Equipment Tracking
Rental Equipment - Fleetisitics

Rental Equipment

If you lease or rent equipment, pumps or other mobile assets you can use the XT-4750 to make you money! You can offer to install the GPS system on equipment for customers and share the data with them. This enables you to pay for the system or even make additional revenue. Your customers need to know where their equipment is to keep it productive, ensure delivery times and recover if stolen. You can use your internal mail server (Exchange) to forward alerts to your customers or share a link from our MyFleetView Pro service (optional) so they can see the last reported location of their assets at any time without logging into your account or seeing other assets on rental.

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