GO Systems Service Plans

The worlds most modular, flexible and complete GPS tracker and fleet management system available – period. “Future proof” your fleet with many equipment and service options. Today there are over 100 3rd party integrations to meet any need today or in the future. Service plans below can be set for specific vehicles to maximize features and reduce costs. Equipment is modular and can be custom configured by individual vehicle.

Additional services: Driver ID, tablets & apps, temperature monitoring, collision avoidance, in-cab video, PTOs, Driver scoring and coaching, fuel management, enterprise fleet maintenance, and gamification of driving scores, to name a few.

Don’t pay the same or more for a system that is less capable and flexible.

GPS Plans for GPS Tracker and Automobile Tracking
Prices do not include all options, taxes or S&H. Best price requires 36 month service agreement. Prices subject to change without notice. A GPS tracker is just the beginning.
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Download Our Buyers Guide

Our GPS tracking buyer's guide is a valuable tool that will help you on your journey as you begin to explore all that GPS tracking has to offer. This detailed overview of what GPS tracking will give you the tools you need to help you gather information and compare systems so you can make an informed decision.

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