GPS Track Data Integration

API & SDK for Integration

Multi-Source Data Integration

Integration of data from multiple sources is a requirement many organizations are facing today. The information or data collected from GPS systems can be utilized by other systems to provide a more complete picture of vehicle and driver operations and performance. The convergence of data from these multiple systems are accomplished through an API (application programming interfaces) or an SDK. Fleetistics offers APIs for all three of our GPS products.

Truck Driver ELD API

Trip Data for Other Systems

Through an API, trip data can be obtained from the GPS system and merged with data from other systems to provide a complete picture of vehicle fleet operations. Integration of GPS data with third-party routing applications can provide unsurpassed, real-time, reporting on vehicle location and stop status. For users with third-party fleet maintenance applications, live engine data can be accessed to provide real-time reporting on engine operating status.

Geotab SDK API Documentation

Software Development Kit

For users of our premiere GO System, an SDK (software development kit) is available to simplify the development of custom integrations. This SDK provides working code samples for the common functions available through the API. These code samples are available for Javascript/HTML and

Application Programming Interface


Through the use of our APIs, users are provided access to the power of real-time data availability. Data can be securely retrieved from Fleetistics by a customer and used in other system. Importing location information is a very popular integration but there are literally hundreds of custom integrations done today.

API Code Sample

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…their truck had been stolen. I logged into the GPS website … When the truck pulled over at a residence to unload the equipment, I was able to pinpoint exactly where the truck was and the police were on the scene within 5 minutes. The thieves were apprehended and all of our equipment and truck was recovered unharmed! This occurred at about 2:00 PM, 15 minutes later. Robert

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