Map Sharing and Weather Service

Improve Customer Satisfaction


MyFleetView is a free, value-added capability for Fleetistics customers. MyFleetView allows customers to share the location of vehicles via a secure link or on their website. Simply copy and paste the code provided by Fleetistics and a map with vehicles last reported location will be available online. Credentials are embedded and encrypted and you can deactivate the link at any time.

Great for taxi service, food trucks, mobile advertising, limousines, couriers, pest control or any industry where keeping your customers updated on vehicle position is critical. Field personnel can view just their vehicles with one click. See the video below. 

Share Your Fleet on Your Website & With Customers

Live example. Click map to zoom

MyFleetView Pro (optional)

Upgrade to create custom links with this add-on service that enables you to share links with other and limit the day of the week, time of day, and calendar days the links are active. You can also select individual vehicles to embed in the link.

One-Click Access for Field Personnel


The MyFleetView map is easy to use because we’ve removed everything except for the last reported location. Simply choose a vehicle from the list to locate it on the map, the map will refresh and focus in on the selected vehicle.

Custom links can be created for each branch that only show local vehicles. The link can then be saved to a phone for 1-click access while working in the field. No logging in, navigating a mobile app, selected from drop menus or distracted driving. 1-click! See video below.

Links are secured with encryption and you can set when the link is active.


Weather Services – Current & Forecast (optional)

Within MyFleetView, clients can view the current location of their fleet and assets along with current and future weather. Look into the future and make strategic decisions regarding fleet and asset locations ahead of severe weather conditions. With either optional plan you can improve efficiency, on-time delivery and profitability of your fleet for a fraction of the price that you would pay if you purchase a standalone weather service. Fleetistics uses data from Baron Threat Net and overlays your vehicles location for a consolidated view.


Choose up to 27 different weather and road condition related attributes to display including: Current Radar, Lightning Strikes, Temperature, Wind Speeds, Road Conditions, FutureScan Radar, Severe Storm Probability, Snow Accumulation Forecast, and much more.


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