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Beyond GPS Tracking

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The difference between large fleets and enterprise class fleets is that of a cultural and leadership mindset. Many organizations running large fleets behave like enterprise fleets but retain the advantage being to make faster decisions and implement more quickly. You know how your organization “thinks” so read through the large fleet and enterprise fleet pages and determine what fits best or give us a call and we will consult with you to explore your needs and options.


Telematics and Engine Diagnostics

Large fleets are very aware of expenses and focusing on safety and fleet maintenance are two key large line items on the P&L. Safety programs are prevalent in large fleets but there is room for improvement if data is not collected from a GPS tracking and telematics device. Engine diagnostics reduce downtime which inversely impacts profitability. Keeping the rolling cost per mile as low as possible is a metric large fleets understand.


Advanced Features

Many large fleets will need the built-in advanced features and some of the integrated partner solutions. The flexibility of the Geotab grouping structure

Overview – Large Fleets

  • Engine diagnostics for proactive fleet maintenance
  • Robust grouping structure for information sharing and security
  • Free API & SDK for integration
  • Big data tools
  • Roadside Assistance with ProPlus service plan
  • Lifetime device manufacturer warranty with ProPlus service plan
  • Telematics

Standard Features

  • Basic GPS tracking
  • Upgrade path as you grow
  • Start with lowest service level
  • View multiple routes on map at same time
  • View exceptions on map at a glance
  • Eliminate after hours driving with your fuel
  • Potential insurance discount
  • Basic maintenance tracking
  • Schedule reports by email – in Excel
  • Simplify UI to show only what you need
  • Easy access anywhere, anytime


  • Extreme detail
  • Device beeps on exception to coach drivers
  • $0.00 OBD installation
  • Quickly move device between vehicles
  • 1-second log rate
  • One GPS tracker for OBD & J-Bus
  • Cost effective GPS device
  • Extended warranty against defects available
  • Y-harness to move GPS tracker to in dash
  • Large memory in case out of cell coverage

Advanced Features

  • Dispatch and messaging
  • Electronic forms
  • DVIR
  • In-cab cameras
  • Battery voltage to reduce breakdowns
  • ProPlus with roadside assistance
  • Driver identification
  • ELD and IFTA

Potential Partners

  • Paper DoDo – Forms
  • Predictive Coach – Driver Training
  • “Plug in” components
  • Electronic field forms
  • MDM for tablet security
  • Data integration developers
  • Complex routing solutions
  • Inventory and maintenance
  • Fuel data integration
  • Driver training programs
  • Electric vehicle technology
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