GPS Tracking Equipment

Accessories, Harnesses and IOX Adaptors

Driver ID

Track drivers and vehicles using NFC tags assigned to each driver. Sound a buzzer in the vehicle to remind them they need to “tag in” for each trip.

Asset Tracker

The GO Rugged asset tracker has been submerged in epoxy to seal the electronics making it impervious to moisture and dust under normal conditions.

Driver Coaching

The most expensive option for any fleet operator is having to fire, recruit, hire and train new drivers. With driver coaching you can teach drivers to be safe and what is expected without having to be in every vehicle.

GO GPS Tracing Device

Selecting the right system from the start means fewer integration issues and more flexibility to accomplish your fleet tracking goals. Advanced GPS tracking, telematics & engine diagnostics from one device.

Harnesses & IOX Adaptors

Harnesses enable fleet managers to work with a wide variety of fleet vehicles and assets. Most fleet have many type of vehicles and one GPS tracking system might work, but it might not work well across most of the fleet.

Fleet Video System

In-cab video is becoming more popular with fleet managers. GPS tracking provides great data but it cannot tell you if someone is on the phone or protect you against false claims.

Satellite Tracking System

Satellite tracking resolves issues with vehicle tracking in remote areas.

Anti-Tampering Bracket

Insert the GO device in the bracket with serial number zip ties and secure it to the vehicle chassis to deter employees tampering.


Ignition Block Kit

Install an ignition relay to prevent a vehicle or asset from starting until an authorized Driver ID tag is applied. Fleetistics does not recommend this practice but in specific high value asset situations it may be a viable option. Contact a consultant to learn more about how the ignition relay works as well as the pros and cons. Click here for installation instructions

GPS Equipment Components

Modular Truck Tracking System

Modular Truck Tracking System

GO GPS Device Options

GO GPS Device Options

OBD Electronic Tracking Device

OBD Harness Adaptor Kit

GO Rugged Asset Tracker by Geotab

GO Rugged Asset Tracker

Driver ID for Fleet Tracking System

Driver ID for Fleet Tracking System

GO Talk Driver Coach

GO Talk Driver Coach

GPS Fleet Tracking System by Geotab

GPS Fleet Tracking System

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PTO Switch Box

PTO Switch Box

GO GPS Tracker Bracket

Anti-Tamper Bracket

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