Satellite Tracking System

GO System Integrated for Remote Areas


Mission Critical Tracking

Satellite tracking resolves issues with vehicle tracking in remote areas. Not all fleets operate in urban areas or cellular coverage areas. Certain industries such as the oil and gas operate extensive in very remote areas. GPS satellite tracking is needed for productivity but also for safety. The GO System offers both a cellular tracking system and a satellite tracking option. Learn more about Iridium.

Satellite Tracking System

One System, Many Applications

The GO System operates as the primary when in a cellular coverage area and fails over to satellite communication only when needed. This smart communication keeps the monthly service fees as low as possible. When the GO Satellite system is operating the data transmission is reduced to ignition on and off events. Any stored data is uploaded when the vehicle returns to cellular coverage.

Modular by Design

Sticking with the modular design of the GO System, the GO Satellite tracker can be added to a standard GO System on specific vehicles. This provides customers with the flexibility to have tracking in remote areas without having to invest in a more expensive base platform. The GO Satellite modem can be moved between vehicles with relative ease and service change in the online tracking application.

GO Satellite by Geotab

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