CrewChief Fleet Dashcams

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CrewChief Dashcams

CrewChief™ Video Captures – Two Trucks Running a Red Light

Why you need CrewChief DashCams

Fleet Dashcams Protect Your Company

CrewChief™ fleet dashcams ensure productivity, promote safety, and help protect you against unfounded legal liability.

When your vehicle is involved in an accident, your business will undoubtedly be named in the lawsuit. Video evidence from dashcams is the surest way to dispute false claims.


Step Up to the Rosco Fleet Dashcam

If you are looking for more features and an integration with the Geotab GPS tracking and telematics system, the DV6 dashcam from Rosco is the right solution. Includes AI functions! Learn More 

Fleet Dashcams Promote Safety – Limit Liability – Reduce Insurance Costs – Increase Productivity

External Dashcam

Internal Dashcam

Good Features, Better Price

CrewChief T2 Dashcam Night Vision IR

Live & Recorded Views

Nightvision IR

CrewChief T2 Dashcam Night Vision IR

Key Fleet Dashcam Features & Function

  • Event based video uploads based on defined rules
  • Live view
  • Optional GPS tracking service
  • Optional SOS alert
  • Parking monitor
  • Real time monitoring on 2 channels
  • Looping memory
  • Accepts SD card up to 256g
  • Mobile app for location and video access
  • Upgrade UI to more capable platform as needs change

Optional GPS Location on Map

Bundle with GPS Tracking

Bundle with the Fleetistics ONE GPS tracking system and get an upgraded UI, map indicators and mobile app viewing. This combinations provides one of the most affordable GPS + dashcam solutions on the market. 


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