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Fleetistics matches your top issues to the least expensive solution 


With multiple GPS and telematics platforms to choose from, fleet managers can balance system features, data, integrations, partner add-ons, and performance with price. Competitors will try to convince you the one solution they offer is the only solution, regardless of the accuracy of their claim. Clearly defining the top 3-5 objectives for making the investment in a fleet management program will assist your Fleetistics consultant in recommending the right solution.

If you have custom or unique data needs, Fleetistics offers IoT data processing to help you build a solution internally without the time consuming and difficult development associated with translating and processing data directly from an IoT device.

Fleetistics GO

Best, Robust, Enterprise-Class


  • View 4 Service Plan
  • Upgrade from Base to Pro, Regulatory (ELD), or ProPlus
  • Up to 100,000 vehicles
  • AD SSO
  • OEM integrated
  • Robust & Expandable
  • Top of the line
  • Accident data
  • 150+ partner integrations
  • Switch service levels
  • HD tracking resolution
  • Custom reports
  • Exceptions & Alerts
  • Telematics for safety
  • Engine diagnostics
  • API integration
  • Vehicles & Assets
  • Driver ID
  • Coaching speaker
  • Sourcewell Partner

Fleetistics ONE

Capable – Fully Integrated


  • Capable platform
  • AD SSO
  • IoT device ready
  • Many GPS devices
  • Bring your own data
  • Robust alerts
  • Custom reports
  • Alerts
  • Maintenance
  • Dispatch
  • Bus arrival
  • Multiple mobile apps
  • Vehicles & Assets
  • Client server option
  • Dashcam integration

Fleetistics LITE



  • Upgrade to ONE
  • Basic GPS location service
  • Use GPS devices in Fleetistics ONE
  • Road map, no satellite
  • Stop Details report
  • Alerts
  • Geo-corridor
  • Vehicles & Assets

Fleetistics CORE

Dots On A Map


  • Last location only $7.95
  • Data only $2.95
  • Reverse geo-coding $2.95
  • Upgrade to ONE or LITE
  • List of messages received
  • Ideal for asset inventory
  • API

Fleetistics IoT

Data Processing Service


  • Upgrade to ONE, LITE or CORE
  • IoT data processing
  • BYOD
  • Forward via API
  • Just data processing, no UI
  • Setup project required
  • Optional Services
    • OSM map service
    • Reverse geocoding
    • AT&T, VZN, Telefonica data plan

Features listed include many optional services that require additional fees. The lists are to demonstrate the general capability and flexibility of each platform. Contact a consultant for more details. 855.300.0527

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