LITE Tracking Maps

Simple Location & Stops

GPS Tracking Map

View every place your vehicle went, where it stopped and how long it was there…the basics of a GPS tracking map. Vehicle tracking devices will update every 60 seconds providing industry standard resolution. With a built in battery in most GPS devices, the last known location is reported when a device is “accidently” removed.

Map with Vehicle Track

Basic Mapping

The LITE platform provides basic mapping showing the location of the vehicle using an map. There are not bells and whistles to drive up the cost of the mapping, thus the monthly service fee. OpenStreetMaps or OSM, is a great map for basic information but it also lets the user make edits and add information. This is called a community based map. So if you work in rural areas, off-road or on new roads, you can add them to the map data set.

If you want to step up one level look at the Fleetistics ONE. It has enhanced mapping, more reports and stronger exception capabilities. If you want to start with a platform that you can grow with for the next 10 year or because you anticipate needing features such as driver ID, ELD, IFTA, custom reports, BI, etc., check out the or the robust Geotab GO System.




This unique features enables you to outline a route and generate an exception if the vehicle leaves the corridor. This is helpful when the same route is run consistently such as travel between a jail and a courthouse or between a manufacturing facility and a storage facility.

Last Known Location

Many companies buy a large TV and mount it on the wall so everyone knows where the fleet is at all times. If an emergency notification pops up, everyone sees it.


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