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Large GPS Fleet Tracking Systems – Up to 80,000 Vehicle Fleets


The GO platform is highly modular and expandable and was designed specifically for enterprise-class fleet truck tracking system. Fleets range from 1 to 80,000+ vehicles!  Start with basic GPS fleet tracking using an OBD device and expand to include truck tracking, ELD, electric vehicles, heavy trucks, equipment and satellite tracking all in one unified platform, If you need something custom, APIs are available to customers and Fleetistics offers development services.

With over 200 partner integrations the Geotab platform ensures you will have many options seamlessly integrated into your fleet program. Partner integrations include dashcams, maintenance management, routing, OEMs, and more.



Custom Reporting

GPS Tracking System



Mapping is used 90% of the time


  • View exceptions
  • Single or multiple routes
  • Dispatching option
  • Zone customers, homes, vendors
  • Import zones
  • ESRI map layers
  • Import customer zones

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GPS & Telematics Mapping | Fleetisitcs
Get the right data, at the right time.

  • Standard canned reports. You are given detailed reports you can easily run pre-loaded in the software.
  • Filtered reports. You get to select a few options to narrow down the data scope to tailor to your needs.
  • Custom reports. Users can change the formulas and data scope to get targeted business intelligence.

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GO System | Fleetisitcs

Not all GPS trackers are the same.


  • LTE, 4G, Linux OS
  • OEM integration GPS data (when available)
  • 1 device for OBD, J-BUS, EV
  • HD GPS logging is most accurate in industry
  • Stores over 60,000 records on GPS device
  • Encrypted for security (Gov approved)
  • Driver ID
  • Driver coaching buzzer
  • Daisy chain accessories (IOX port)

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Telematics Tracking

Engine Diagnostics (DTC)

ELD, DVIR, Dispatch

Telematics | Fleetisitcs
The GO System offers the most advanced and complete telematics on the market today.


  • Accelerometer samples 100 times per second
  • 4 axis g-force readings
  • Collision reconstruction
  • Device can beep on harsh driving 

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Engine Diagnostic | Fleetisitcs
It is all about scheduled versus unscheduled downtime.


  • 100% of diagnostic codes available
  • Faults and Status data
  • Integrate with your maintenance system
  • Easy access to current odometer
  • Engine hours
  • Enterprise maintenance app partners
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ELD, HOS, DVIR | Fleetisitcs
Geotab Drive mobile app with the core fleet management platform.


  • ELD for FMCSA HOS compliance
  • Driver vehicle inspection report, free! DVIR
  • Mileage by state for IFTA reporting
  • Dispatching simple fixed routes
  • Messaging to mobile app

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Be Futureproof

One of the most powerful aspects of the Geotab fleet management platform is the partner integrations. Partners fleet services use data from Geotab to bring additional services to customers which would otherwise not be possible. Examples include maintenance management, electronic form, RFID readers, asset trackers, routing, analytics and more.

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3rd Party Equipment

There are over 200 integrations done with the GO Platform. Integration services significantly expand the options for fleet managers and allow a business to change to meet new requirements without having to get a new GPS tracking system. Partners create services for things such as large fleet maintenance, in-cab video, fuel monitoring, temperature monitoring, Bluetooth beacons and more.

Data Integration

When a customer needs more than the GO System provides in the standard fleet management system, the open API and SDK can be used to move actionable data to the next level. Most IT developers can utilize the industry standard API to bring data into the customers database for use in more customer reports and application integration.

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Active Directory Single Sign On

Fleetistics recognized the significant challenge of user management between multiple systems. To reduce the workload on GPS program managers, Fleetistics has developed an integration with Active Directory, including Azure AD and ADFS. This integration provides a significant time savings, a reduction in administration costs and improves security.

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SDK-API Data Integration by Geotab

Weather Integration

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