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Attention Geotab Users Buying 2020 Ford Trucks!

New Ford trucks come with a compatible Ford Tracking device. 
Call 813-551-2285 to learn more.

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Single Sign On Synced With Your Network

Fleetistics recently completed the integration with Azure Active Directory (AD) and ADFS. This service is a big time saver and improves security. Users are added and removed from MyFleetistics and the GPS platform when they are added and removed from AD on hire or departure. The AD integration also provides the user a single sign on (SSO) experience removing the need to maintain and secure yet another password.

All Fleetistics services come with a free 30 day trial. Give the AD integration a try and see how much easier it is to keep users up to date in real-time than manually adding, removing and assigning them in AD and the GPS platform.


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If you have other GPS tracking or fleet related needs, give us a call.

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