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ELD Info add in

Never worry about having the required in vehicle documents , updates, and training, Right in the Geotab Drive app. 

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ELD Info add in from Geotab

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Dashcam Video

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Hurricane Dorian

Our thoughts and prayers are with those in the Bahamas as their country has been almost totally destroyed. Please find a charity and give to Bahamian relief efforts.

Public Safety Network App

Join the free, new and growing, global public safety network by citizens, for citizens & animals. FEMA, NWS, & USGS alerts. Help alerts. Free on Apple: Google: 

$8.95 Asset Tracker

Fleet Weather

Other Fleetistics Services

If you have other GPS tracking or fleet related needs, give us a call.

Sherp ATV Rescue Vehicle

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Asset Tracking

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Solar GPS Tracker


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Fleet Maintenance

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Backup Camera

Rosco Back-Up Camera | Fleetistics