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IGTech365 IT Services

Do You Need Help with Business IT Services?

IGTech365 is a sister company to Fleetistics. IGTech365, LLC offers nationwide, 24x7x365 managed IT and employee help desk services to business owners and managers so they can focus on growing their business, not fixing IT issues.

Services included: email migrations, SharePoint, cloud migration & backup, firewalls, routers, help desk, Teams, cyber security, HIPPA compliance, penetration testing, and more.

Ask about Microsoft 365 volume pricing below Microsoft direct prices for 50+ licenses! Mention Fleetistics and save 5% on your first project.

Click here or the logo above to contact IGTech365 for “Worry Free IT”.

Fleet Insurance Dashcam

$12.95/mo + Just the Data Used

CrewChief - dashcam

Save Up to $.06/gal on Fuel

Fleet Card

Route Your Fleet

Save $, Avoid Restrictions

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Helpful Blogs

Helpful Blogs

Fuel saving tips – Efficient fleet management

Fuel saving tips – Efficient fleet management

Efficiently managing fuel expenses is essential for maximizing profitability and sustainability. In this blog post, we will explore some key strategies and tips that fleet managers can implement to save fuel and increase their bottom line. On...

The Role of a Fleet Manager

The Role of a Fleet Manager

Essential Duties of a Fleet Manager A fleet manager is responsible for overseeing and managing a company’s fleet of vehicles. They play a crucial role in ensuring that the fleet operates efficiently and effectively, meeting all operational...

Convenient Products & Services Catalog

Convenient Products & Services Catalog

Review our most popular fleet products and services in your MyFleetistics account. When ready, just add to your cart and your account manager will review for accuracy and create your order.

Geotab Personal Mode

Geotab Personal Mode

Geotab has created a privacy mode that will allow drivers and fleet managers to temporarily hide their vehicle tracking in the Geotab application.

Driver Facing Video Data Management

Driver Facing Video Data Management

Driver facing video can be a great tool, but it can also get expensive. Understanding how to manage settings and where to make adjustments helps control cost.