Lone Worker Safety System

“Defender” Lone Worker Safety Solution

If you have workers on foot, working at night or in dangerous conditions, the Defender Lone Worker Safety Solution offers a new level of security. With a wide range of safety features it offers a convenient and affordable tool to protect your workers. The Defender goes even further by including communication and productivity tools in a single compact form factor. The Defender can be programmed to call a single phone number such as the dispatch center. This cellular connection ensure the communication is all business. The Defender includes an RFID reader which is used to monitor and confirm things like security patrols or checkpoints. Businesses have a moral and legal obligation to ensure lone worker safety. Prevent just one accident or lawsuit and the ROI is instant. Contact your insurance company to learn if discounts are available for this type of safety tool.


Lone Worker Safety & Productivity Features:

  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • RFID tag scanning
  • Emergency alerts
    • Man-down detection
    • Panic button
  • Cell Me – cellular communication – set phone number
  • Alert process
    • Escalation
    • SMS / Email / Call
  • Reports
  • Integrated with GO System interface
  • Some features may be optional


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