Geotab Version 2003 First Look

As we have come to expect, when a new version of Geotab is released there are always a lot of questions. We just got our first look at MyGeotab version 2003 and want to share an advance look at what is coming soon. By turning on “Feature Preview” in your Geotab account settings, you will see some changes sooner. To turn the preview on, click on your username in the Geotab UI, then click options. Scroll about halfway down the page to UI Settings and click the on button for Feature Preview. Don’t forget to scroll back to the top of the page and save your new setting.


With this release of MyGeotab, Internet Explorer 10 is no longer supported!

Before we get started, please take note that as of this release of MyGeotab (version 2003), there is no longer support for Internet Explorer 10. This notice follows the Microsoft announcement which ended support for Internet Explorer 10 and older, earlier this year.

What’s New in MyGeotab version 2003?

First, this list of enhancements in MyGeotab 2003 is a long one. Even better, this release is jam packed with simple but powerful changes that will make the administrator’s job faster and easier. The changes made also provide more options for filtering to access information more quickly. So… here we go!

Easy Device Upgrade Requests in MyGeotab v2003

ProPlus Customers that have devices eligible for free upgrade will have the option to make the request through the UI. Eligible devices will be highlighted in MyGeotab and Fleetistics will be notified when the request is made. If you would like to review the great benefits ProPlus offers, contact us and get protected against network changes.

Consolidated Messaging (Feature Preview)

New threaded views provide conversation-style messages with simple-to-use input controls such as adding links and canned replies. Ultimately this give messaging the look, feel, and familiarity of an email app. Messages can be sent to devices so that anyone driving the vehicle can see them, or to users for more private communication.

Moreover, unread messages display in tab titles for easy detection, and as shortcuts under Notifications on the main title bar. Messages are searchable by date and filters to find desired messages more quickly.

New Groups Filter Functionality

In MyGeotab version 2003 the group filter isolates vehicles in more than one group. Perhaps you want to see only the dump trucks at a particular branch location. This feature change filters to only the vehicles that are assigned to both groups when you select multiple groups. In a future release you will be able to choose “AND” or “OR” based on whether you want to see vehicles in eother group or only in both groups.

Sustainability Rules Section added in MyGeotab 2003

To reflect the new Sustainability Pillar introduced at Connect 2020, idling rules are moved to this new section along with a variety of new EV specific rules. The new default rules include Low Charge, Entering and Exiting Charging Location, and EV Done Charging.

Privacy Settings for Exception Notifications

In System Settings a new tab has been added for Privacy settings. You will now be able to exclude information that may be considered sensitive from the notifications sent by your system.

New Zone Filtering

In MyGeotab 2003 sones can be filtered to only active zones. Simple but powerful.

DTC Codes Displayed in List View

Another big improvement is the addition of DTC codes to the Engine Faults displayed in MyGeotab. In the past you had to download a report to see the DTC codes. We think this one is a huge win.

Time Zone Reminder Message

Last on our list for this update is the one that makes you wonder why we weren’t asking for it all along. If the time zone on your computer is different than the time zone set in your user options, you will see a message alerting you to the difference. Again, so simple, but powerful.

Be watching for our next post on the 2003 release of GeotabDrive.