Protecting Your Fleet During a Storm

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Protecting Your Fleet During a Storm

At least 6 of 25 people that died in Hurricane Harvey died driving on flooded roads.

*Realted Source.
  1. Plan and communicate your plan well before the storm.
  2. Issue guidance on what to do if no communication for 48-72 hours. Can they continue to work?
  3. Fuel up vehicles before parking for the storm.
  4. Move vehicles out of the area of possible and if the storm is destructive enough.
  5. If you buy bulk fuel, contact your provider to discuss their plan. You want to get back to work as soon as possible.
  6. Consumable supplies may not be available. Adjust vehicle inventory as needed.
  7. Share employee contact information so they can help each other and share inventory if needed.
  8. Establish several methods of communication such as a Facebook events page or group text messaging.
  9. Don’t drive through moving water. As little as 12” of moving water can wash a vehicle away.
  10. Don’t drive in deep water. Once water enters your engine, it is ruined.
  11. Move vehicles to high ground.
  12. Park vehicles in protected area such as a parking garage.
  13. If parking vehicles outside, park them against a building and face them into the anticipated direction of the wind to improve airflow over the vehicle. You can also park them close to one another to protect the interior vehicles from fly debris.
  14. Remove contents from pickup trucks, clean dirt and rocks from tracks and remove items such as ladders which may turn into projectiles.
  15. Clear the area of debris such as coconuts, rock piles, trash cans, tools, signs and anything not bolted down.
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