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The below integration partners have integrated additional products and services with the GO GPS tracking and telematics system. These are just a few of the opportunities for Fleetistics customers to expand services as new needs arise. GPS tracking is just the beginning with the GO platform. Until you know what you don’t know today, having a system that affords your company flexibility to resolve issues is an excellent investment. Quite honestly, why would you pay the same price for a closed system?

Fleet Management Partners

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Route4me Route Optimization Software
SafeRide Distracted Driving Mobile App
IGTech365 GPS Partners Logo

Monitor & Camera Options

Route optimization

Easy and powerful electronic forms

Computer & Network Support

D2GO Driver Challenge
Predictive Coach Driver Training
GlobalStar GPS Partners Logo
Fleetio Logo

Driver Scoring Gamification – KPIs, Ranking, Rewards

Automated Training Course Assignment

Satellite Phone System

Fleet management software for fleets of all sizes.

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BeWhere GPS Partners Logo
TMW GPS Partners Logo
PaperDodo GPS Partners Logo

GPS Tracking & Telematics Engineering

Bluetooth Beacon Asset Tracking

Routing & Scheduling

Back Office Workforce Management & Dispatching

Grace Lone GPS Partners Logo
Mobileye GPS Partners Logo
DICKEY-john GPS Partners Logo

Lone Worker Safety System

Collision Avoidance System

Agricultural, Analytical & Public Works Equipment

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