Driver Coaching and Training

Predictive Coach

Automate Driver Coaching


Creating a culture of fleet safety takes time and energy. The GO System captures and reports exceptions or unwanted driving behaviors. You can take the time to coach every driver on the events or you can automate this process with Predictive Coach. Continual automated reminders in a fun productive way will lead to long-term improvements in fleet safety or productivity. Exceptions for excessive idle or extended stops can also be beneficial to improving productivity.

Predictive Coach integrates with the GO System and enables the fleet manager to set rules and thresholds which triggers training assignments. Drivers are notified through an email they have been tasked with a training assignment and have a deadline to complete it.

GPS Logs Unwanted Behavior


Mobile Training App

Predictive Coach Driver-Training-App

Driver Training App

The goal is always to modify the unwanted driving behavior. The most expensive option, after an accident, is replacing a driver. Drivers are a major investment which often costs $10,000 or more. Changing behavior means protecting your investment.

The convenient driver training can be done from anything from a smart phone to the computer. It is easy and intuitive and removes excuses as to why it was not done by the deadline. By quickly assigning the training after the driving infraction, the driver can relate the training content and negative consequences to the unwanted driving behavior.