Off Road Fleets

Capitalizing on off road insights 

Asset Tracking for off road construction

Asset Tracking

Off road optimization begins with collecting data. The most basic data is location. From location managers and dispatchers can ensure the right equipment for the job is available and work can begin. With a wide variety of off-road equipment, a diverse array of asset trackers are needed to meet varying customer needs. Asset trackers range from simple and affordable battery powered trackers, to integrated OEM telematics for engine diagnostics. The minimum every off-road vehicle should provide is location and on/off activity.

Sourcewell Contracting for Fleet Management

Geotab awarded Sourcewell purchasing contract.

Skip the lengthy telematics RFP process.

Super Fast and Super Scalable

Flexibile solutions enable offroad fleets to combine various GPS and telematics technology to paint a complete picture across all assets. Integration with OEMs bring data onto a “single pane of glass” with fleet tracking telematics. 

Fuel Management

Tracking Off-Road Fuel Consumption for Fuel Tax Rebates

Zone Utilization

Zones group data for reporting and alerting. Some equipment may run constantly at an oil rig or mine and never go on a road. The challenge is when vehicles split their time between taxable and non-taxable use and getting an off road tax rebate.

Fuel Tank Level

Telematics provides the data, like fuel tank level, needed to support fuel tax credit claims. Accurate, digital, and professional data collection will simplify the process of requesting fuel tax rebates. 

Engine Hours or Miles per Gallon

Engine hours combined with fuel tank level enables fleet managers to use tools like Power BI to generate custom reports showing the amount of fuel consumed on road vs off road. 

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