Sherp ATV Accessories



An improved lineup of Sherp ATV accessories means you can get more done under tough conditions. Accessories can expand working hours and improve safety. Customize your Sherp ATV to meet your field conditions.

  • Air conditioning
  • Winch (to pull the other guy out)
  • LED light bar
  • Roll over protection system (ROPS)
  • Cargo sled
  • Storage lockers
  • Cargo trailer
  • Mirrors
  • Bench seating in the cargo area
  • Front and rear tow hitch receiver
  • Step ladder, portable, front or rear
  • Cargo roof rack
  • Molly style Cargo netting
  • Snow and ice tire studs
  • Orange work lights
  • Inclinometer – angle measurement
  • Integrated ladder, front
  • Reinforced front panel
  • Bilge pump
  • Rocker switch panel

    All prices are US dollars, subject to change without notice and exclude installation, shipping & taxes

Sherp ATV Accessories
Sherp ATV Accessories - air conditioner
Sherp ATV Accessories - beacon lights
Sherp ATV Accessories - benches in back

Air Conditioning, $6,500

Roll Over Protection System, $4,700

Bench Seating, $500

Sherp ATV Accessories - bilge pump
Sherp ATV Accessories - brush guard
Sherp ATV Accessories - Cargo Net

Bilge Pump, $150

Integrated Step, $400

Cargo Net, $239

Sherp ATV Accessories - cargo trailer
Sherp ATV Accessories - drag cargo sled
Sherp ATV Accessories - inclinometer

Cargo Trailer, $9,990

Cargo Sled, $1,500

Inclinometer, $75

Sherp ATV Accessories - LED lights
Sherp ATV Accessories - mobile foot set
Sherp ATV Accessories - rear and front hitch

LED Light Bar, $1,200

Foot Step, $199

Front & Rear Hitches, $299

Sherp ATV Accessories - rocker switches
Sherp ATV Accessories - roll over protection system
Sherp ATV Accessories - roof rack

Rocker Switch Panel, $35

Winch, $1,950

Roof Rack, $800

Sherp ATV Accessories - side mirrors
Sherp ATV Accessories - storage locker
Sherp ATV Accessories - tire studs

Side Mirrors, $400

Storage Lockers, $400

Tire Studs, $239

Track Your Sherp ATV Globally

Track your Sherp ATV with a Fleetistics solar satellite tracking system. By using a satellite system you do not need to worry about cellular coverage during disasters or when working in the boonies.

  • Theft
  • Safety
  • Operational Awareness

If you want detailed tracking and diagnostics information try the GO Rugged on the AT&T or Verizon cellular network.

Click an image for more information.

GO Rugged Equipment Tracker by Geotab

GO Rugged

FLT-VL02-GPS Tracker

ATV GPS Tracker


Global Asset Tracker

Sherp ATV Comparison

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Sherp ATV Ark Interior
Sherp ATV Ark Cab Interior
Sherp ATV The Ark Off-Road Machine

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